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Virgin head of insight and Channel 4 development manager of creative diversity reveal how you can achieve your creative potential

Don’t be afraid to take risks, surround yourself with people who have similar ideals and re...

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Half Hitch gin launches to reinvigorate Camden Lock's past industrial gin glory

Mark Holdsworth, a spirits industry craftsman, Camden local and former market stall worker, has...

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The BBC uses illustration and animation to teach young children about WW1

The BBC has worked with Liverpool-based creative agency Splinter to produce a series of...

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Highland Spring updates brand packaging in the 'run up to the festive season' and a 'seasonal spike in sales'

Bottled water brand Highland Spring has unveiled a new look in a bid to achieve greater visual...

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Creative Showcase: Featuring ManvsMachine, BETC Luxe, Deutsch NY and others

Welcome to The Drum Creative Showcase in association with iStock. ...

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Manchester focus: What does the industry need to do to nurture and attract creative talent?

As part of The Drum's Blackwell's Britain series of regional features, we...

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When rebrands go wrong - Royal Mail's 'duffer', Gap's 6-day turnaround, Hershey's 'poo emoji' and more

This month Hershey's unveiled a new brand identity that was meant to bring the confectionery...

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Blackwell's Britain: An appraisal on the state of Manchester's creative soul

Creatively speaking, ‘Manchester’ is dying. But, to misquote, I come not to bury...

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Blackwell's Britain: Minding the Manchester myth

Manchester is a city that is in love with itself. To a fault, one might conclude. ...

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