Hamish Pringle

Hamish Pringle is strategic advisor at 23red, former IPA director general, and has had five successful business books published. With an agency career spanning 26 years, he’s worked on more than 50 brands.

Four challenges faced by retailers ahead of Christmas - from Black Friday to bricks and clicks

The UK retail scene is going through one of its most dynamic phases since the birth of the...

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Sponsorship needs creativity, not just a cheque

One of O2’s first moves as a brand, when it emerged from the chrysalis of BT Cellnet, was...

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Brand archaeology: More advertisers should dig out their iconic campaigns instead of disregarding the past

The new TV commercial for Lloyds Bank by Adam&EveDDB made me feel a bit emotional. ...

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We're already wearing wearable tech – and that's good news for marketers

There’s a lot of talk about the coming era of ‘wearable tech’, but aren’t...

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Why it's time for marketers to recognise the power of now

I recently opened a copy of the Daily Telegraph and was greeted with an ad from Next. It had no...

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Glocalisation may be an ugly word, but it could lead to handsome profits for agencies and their clients

The third iteration of Advertising Week Europe in March 2015 was bigger, better, and more...

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Brands need high touch as well as high tech

In a 2007 collaboration with the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University...

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Stars in your ads: What evidence is there that celebrity sells?

The pressure to demonstrate a return on marketing investment (ROMI) grows ever-stronger, so when...

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A new year’s resolution for brands who waste their customers’ time

I opened the envelope, saw this friendly Santa face, and was filled with warm feelings of...

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Microsoft, Google and autoGraph show the internet of things is getting real

How many conferences have you attended where the content fails to live up to the hype of its...

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How Every Little Helps became Every Little Hurts for Tesco

Tesco is a salutary reminder that even the mightiest brand can fall from grace and that one of...

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Working together for good: Why it makes sense for brands, government and charities to join forces

In September 1997 Marjorie Thompson met with Tessa Jowell MP, then minister for public health,...

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