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Finding freelance work through an online platform

Finding freelance work through an online platformFinding freelance work through an online platform

The world of freelance design can sometimes be difficult, and one of the biggest challenges facing freelance designers today is how to find new clients. Stable clients help to pay the bills, but it can be a real struggle to find those new projects that both intellectually and creatively stimulate you. Freelancers have been relying on networking and word-of-mouth recommendations for years, and recently have turned to online platforms to find freelance work. Online platforms can both broaden your networking circle and bring in interesting briefs from a variety of businesses.

Online platforms for freelance designers

Graphic design is a competitive field and many freelance designers find themselves constantly looking for ways to get new clients. Online platforms connect those that are actively looking for design work with designers. In other words, freelancers looking for design work are connected directly with their target audience. Some online platforms can be tricky, though. They tend to pit designer against designer and turn into a bidding war where the brief goes to the cheapest designer. Creative design work should be appreciated and not undervalued.

A new kind of platform

Printers and designers work very closely together and both understand the world of creative print design. Last autumn, Saxoprint, one of Europe’s largest online printing companies, launched a new design and print community called Saxoprint ProStudio. This is the first time someone from the print industry is bringing designers and businesses together. To increase the chances of designers getting work, the platform limits the number of times a brief can be sent. Because the three chosen designers have been individually selected by the business for each brief, they have a higher chance to actually be hired for the project.

On this online platform, the designers’ portfolio is their biggest asset. Saxoprint ProStudio allows designers to showcase their artwork and highlight their talent. Designers can manage briefs through the platform allowing them to see what is pending and what is complete, as well as set an availability status, which helps them to manage their time wisely. Once a project is completed, designers have the opportunity to order comfortably online. They can also choose to have the printed materials delivered directly to clients.

Online platforms for agencies

Freelancers aren’t the only ones to benefit from creative online platforms. The design agency that has too much on its plate might need to find quality freelancers. Agencies often outsource design work, but finding the right freelancer to trust with small projects can be difficult.

To make things easier, agencies can search for designers using different search options like style, location or type of print product. Once they have browsed through the portfolios, they can select the designers that have left an impression. Saxoprint ProStudio allows a business or agency to send a brief to a maximum of three designers. Once a brief has been accepted, the designer and the company can communicate flexibly over the platform about the project details. The terms of payment as well as delivery options are handled strictly between the agency or business and the freelance designer.

The Great British Postcard Competition

Saxoprint ProStudio will also be launching an exciting new competition this spring. The Great British Postcard Competition is calling all designers to create a postcard about what it means to be British in 2017. The postcards will be judged by both the public and an expert jury, and the winners will receive both exclusive prizes and nationwide exposure for their designs.

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