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General Motors Drives Forward

General Motors integration in Transformers 5General Motors integration in Transformers 5

General Motors (GM) has long led the brand  integration space with a steady presence across  the entertainment landscape. The venerable  automaker’s 30+ year partnership with BEN  has helped develop pre-eminence in the space  among consumers and creators.

To that end, in 2017 BEN worked diligently with  each major GM brand to deliver an extensive brand  integration programme that secured prominent brand  exposure through film, television, premium cable,  streaming television and influencer social channels.

Targeting hero auto moments that align  with each brand’s strategy, the wide-ranging programme displaced competitive brands through  savvy, relevant and seamless integration.

Working deeply within the production  community, BEN secured close to 500 integrations  including: Transformers 5 (the entire GM vehicle  line), HBO’s Big Little Lies (Buick Enclave), Netflix’s  Queer Eye (GMC Sierra) and many others. In the  digital space, BEN executed multiple influencer  ‘road trips’ including a memorable Buick trip to  Coachella.

Additionally, BEN executed custom research for  specific integrations to measure and showcase the  value, efficacy and ROI for GM campaigns.

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