Cannes Lions x RTL AdConnect: Bose and CBS Interactive reveal all about innovation on day two of Cannes

RTL AdConnect in Cannes 2019RTL AdConnect in Cannes 2019

Cannes Lions, Day 2: an exciting second day on RTL AdConnect's beach was dedicated to innovation in all its forms.

The day's discussions focused in particular on the innovations transforming TV, from cross-device targeting to data and consumer profiles, to the cross-fertilization effect between social media and TV, and how addressability is transforming TV advertising.

Rhys Noelke, in charge of Strategy and Business Development at RTL Group, explored how media groups are coming together to collaborate in the face of competition from the global tech players, making the link between technology, data and content.

The packed audience also heard from Ricky Ray Butler of Branded Entertainment Network, who explained how AI is revolutionising branded content and advertising, and where the technology is headed in the 2020s.

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And at the end of a day that was rich in reflections and insights, RTL AdConnect's beach was transformed for a Tropical Party. . . but after sundown, what happens in Cannes, stays in Cannes, so you won’t read about that here.

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