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Subscribers: Download a copy of The Drum's 28 October issue - From the adblockalypse to Disney and data

In this issue, The Drum addresses the very real and costly implications of ad blockers for the publishing and advertising industries. Is blocking the blockers the answer?

Meet the data scientist
It has been dubbed the sexiest job of the 21st century, but what exactly is a data scientist and how can the ad industry attract their talents?

Disney and data
Can Elsa inspire kids to eat a banana? We find out how Disney is utilising data and partnerships
to motivate children to live healthier.

Lose the lookylikies
Tracy De Groose believes the ad industry must abandon its tendency to recruit in its own image
or risk stifling creativity

Humanising search
What people search for reveals a lot about them, allowing marketers to create more tailored
experiences. So how can brands extract value?

Also in this issue:

Creative Department - The best new creative work from around the world as chosen by our readers.

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