Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group

The Drum’s Network’s Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group is a mastermind group specially created for agency owners, which is 100% focused on giving them the business knowledge, insights confidence to dramatically increase their agency’s profits and build their agency's overall value in the years ahead.

This exclusive Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group is only available to the most ambitious agency owners who have demonstrated a proven track record of agency growth, but want more. It is for entrepreneurs who want to take their agency not just to the next level, but to the ultimate level. Gifted entrepreneurs who want to build their agency into a valuable asset that will one day not only realise their financial ambitions, but also deliver their personal objectives.

How The Drum Network’s Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group Can Work For You

Attend Our Bi-Monthly 'Around The Boardroom Table' Sessions

Our Mastermind Group meets six times a year for intensive one day meetings in Central London. As a member you are invited to bring along one of your co-directors to these sessions to ensure that you can take away the maximum learnings and value for your business from the day.

Our ‘around the boardroom table’ meetings are very personal and direct. We do not have a procession of presenters speaking at you from a stage. These sessions are all about you and your business, so you need to commit to attending these sessions with an open mind, a willingness to share the challenges you are facing and a desire to build relationships and work with like-minded professionals to find the best solutions to move your agency business forward.

During our days together you and the other members of the Group are each allocated 45-minutes to bring your key challenges, issues and opportunities out on to the table. All members will get a turn during each of our meetings and what we discuss during your time is completely down to you and totally confidential.

Once you have outlined your challenge, facilitators and the other members of the group collectively brainstorm find solutions to your challenges. Whatever issue, challenge or opportunity you are facing this is the ideal forum in which to share it and by openly sharing experiences, insights and opinions with those around the table we will create realistic solutions quickly and effectively.

Your issue could be sales related, it could be management or team related, it could be a challenge that is holding back your agency’s growth in another marketplace. It could even be a work/life balance issue that is affecting your success. The choice is yours.

This Group is not about competition or judgement, it is about working in a highly collaborative and supportive environment with people who are on the same page as you are. It is about not working in a vacuum (like many agency owners do), but working together with people who have or have had similar challenges in order to find the most effective answers.

This is masterminding at its deepest level. It’s something that members of The Drum’s management team has engaged in, in various contexts for more than 20 years. It is immensely profitable and personally very liberating to have the support of a smart and sophisticated group on Entrepreneurs all striving for the same goals – personal and business success.

Benefit From Our Expert Facilitators

Facilitating the bi-monthly meetings will be Diane Young, who is a co-founder of The Drum. Diane has spearheaded The Drum’s dramatic growth during the last five years, which has seen The Drum go from being a regionally-focused website and magazine employing 30 people to where it is today - a market leading global brand employing almost 100 people in three different countries, which attracts more readers and revenue than our nearest competitors.

If you’ve met Diane, you will know that she is a highly driven business leader. Over the last decade Diane has taken The Drum’s business to a whole other level, completely overhauled the internal management structure, internationalised the brand and almost quadrupled turnover.

Keep Exclusive Company

Membership of the Mastermind Group is limited to a maximum of 12 members - this guarantees an intimate atmosphere in which you can talk through your business challenges and build close relationships with the like-minded entrepreneurs in your group .

Take Part in Bi-Monthly Catch-up Calls to Maintain Your Progress

In the months where we do not have face to face meetings, we will have a group consulting call. This will be your opportunity to check in with myself, Diane and other members of the group to get your questions answered and update us on your progress. You will also be playing an important role in supporting other members of the group on these calls. So, combined with the meetings, you get ongoing monthly support from and direct access to the group.

Join Our Exclusive Online Member's Group

As a Mastermind Group member, you will get access to our exclusive Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group LinkedIn Group, which can be used at any time to ask fellow members questions in a safe closed environment, offer your support to members and share your successes.

Attend Our Annual Conference

All members will also receive two free tickets to The Drum’s annual Agency Acceleration Day conference which is held in London every May.

If you are serious about building a highly profitable agency business The Drum Network Agency Acceleration Mastermind Group could be the right solution for you. To find out more please contact Richard Draycott on 0141 559 6084 or email