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BBC Trust approves plan which may see an increase in Scottish TV production

The BBC Trust has approved a plan which should see an increase in TV production in Scotland.

The Trust has agreed that the BBC should look to adopt ‘more challenging targets’ to measure and meet its network production targets across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, using Ofcom’s definition instead of the BBC’s own.

The Trust now expects the BBC to ensure that 50% of network production will take place outside of London under Ofcom’s definition, by 2016.

The news follows Ofcom’s rebuke of ITV for failing to meet its quota that half of its spending programme budget should be spent outside of London.

Sir Michael Lyons, chairman of the BBC Trust, said: "Average levels of affection for the BBC are noticeably lower the further people live from London. This is partly because the BBC is seen to be too preoccupied with the interests and experiences of London. People living elsewhere in the UK simply do not see their lives adequately reflected on the BBC.

"The BBC is paid for by licence fee payers across the UK and we have approved a strategy that signals the start of some big changes to increase the volume of network television production across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The BBC is planning sustainable centres of innovation and creativity across the UK, including all parts of England."

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