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Creative Review

Our creative reviewer this week is Carolanne Dieleman, marketing & communications director, Stewart Milne Homes

The Leith Agency
Coors Light
Creative here is trying too hard with an odd combination of crisp, clean mountains, Canadian air and rap. The message that the beer is light certainly comes across but  there’s nothing about the benefits of light beer. I’m not sure that the target audience is clear or that a UK consumer would relate to the creative.  5/10

T in the Park
Well executed creative that should meet the needs of both the sponsor and organiser. Overall impact is strong, with clear messages and a clear understanding of the media being used to generate maximum response. Speaks directly to the target audience but assumes that target group knows what T in the Park is all about.  8/10

Clever creative helps to generate a new image for the RSNO and attract a new audience that may not have considered RSNO previously. Contemporary colour and images attract attention and provide all relevant information without reliance on too much copy. Positions RSNO away from possible perception of only suitable traditional classical music.  7/10

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