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New housing units ad teams air with Hawkins

Wunderkind director Phil Hawkins, tipped for the top by Steven Spielberg, has teamed up with Manchester’s Air Advertising and The Gate Films to produce a new advert for furnishing retailer Housing Units.

The new TV advert was shot on location at Housing Units’ Failsworth, north Manchester store.

Housing Units’ Nick Fox explained: “The commercial opens on a series of different types of customers looking for products in the store. There is a building pace and sense of urgency. The audience is intrigued. What are they doing?

“It becomes apparent that these people are carrying all these products out of the store and building something in the car park.

“The attention grabber is not just in the content, but in the style and pace the ad is shot.”
As the commercial runs on it emerges that the crew of 70 extras, including 15 Housing Units’ staff, were actually building a giant Housing Units logo.

The finished logo, pictured left, measuring 116ft by 42ft, was shot from a 60ft crane. It was made up of sofas, tables, baths, cushions, lighting, vases, bar-stools, carpet, rugs and hundreds of other different items.

The ad will be screened in the Granada region throughout the month of June.

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