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Swamp unveils new salad cream website for Heinz

Leeds-based digital marketing agency Swamp has launched a new website for Heinz Salad Cream.

The product has experienced a loss of popularity with some consumers in recent years who regard it as less healthy than mayonnaise or salad dressing alternatives. Heinz is addressing this issue through the site by re-engaging target consumers including mums aged 25-44.

Heinz’s Sarah Crimmens said: “Our research had shown that there were many misconceptions about our product and this new website will address those issues.”
The site includes a recipe selection that enables visitors to view streaming videos of chef Dan Green preparing a range of dishes which feature the Heinz product.

Swamp’s Phil Stott said: “A large proportion of the target audience grew up with Heinz Salad Cream and research has shown that it often invokes a taste of childhood summers. The website will reassure this group, many of whom are now parents themselves, that this ‘pourable sunshine’ is versatile and far lower in fat than many of its rivals.”

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