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Trinity Mirror to introduce new production system in Scotland

The Drum has learned that Trinity Mirror is set to launch a new production system at its Scottish offices which publish the Daily Record and Sunday Mail.

It is understood that the system will be similar to that brought into the Newsquest Herald & Evening Times operations recently, although the company has said that it will not be looking to make any redundancies as a consequence for the time being.

Paul Holleran, Scottish Organiser for the NUJ  said that he had been invited to talk to Mark Hollinshead, managing director of Trinity Mirror’s nationals division in regards to the company’s plans to work with the NUJ as the system is introduced.

Holleran told The Drum: “The approached us and spoke to me about their willingness to work with us on the new system so that they can see what it can do first of all as they have watched what has happened elsewhere and are not looking to make the same mistakes. They are looking at getting the system up and running before having to consider making any redundancies or reviewing their operations.”

It is thought that the system is likely to be similar to the one that has been introduced into the Birmingham Post to which jourmalists will upload their copy  before it is diverted online or into one of the titles.

A spokesperson for Trinity Mirror declined to comment on the matter.

The news follows the redundancies made to three senior sales figures within Trinity Mirror’s Scottish offices.

These were trading director Paul Genasi who only joined in September of last year, Danny Giblin, property manager and Sandra Gerrie, client solutions manager.

A spokesperson, for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail Ltd, said: "Three positions in the Daily Record's advertising department are currently being considered for redundancy.  We have now entered into a period of consultation of 30 days with those individuals affected during which time we will seek redeployment opportunities across the group."

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