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Your last chance to redesign the UK voting system

Common Of Houses - the competition that aims to harness the thinking of the creative community to redesign the democratic voting system - has extended its deadline due to demand.

The deadline has now been stretched to Thursday (22nd)... With the judging taking place the very next day.

The competition asks what Government policies and procedures could best benefit from a creative redesign? With the election close by there seemed like only one sensible place to start – the vote.

The challenge set to creatives is to suggest how they would redesign the voting system. This could be through:
• Redesigning the voting forms for the current system.
• Designing a new voting form for one of the alternative voting systems or your own.
• Designing how the vote is actually taken – punch card, electronic machine, ticking a box.
• Another aspect of the vote ie. a poster encouraging people to vote.
The answer could be a dating agency questionnaire to match make you to a party with similar views, it could be a large jar of coloured marbles which get dropped into a slot or it could even be a pantone colour chart to see just how Green/Red/Blue the voter is - see more examples www.commonofhouses.co.uk?

The submitted designs will be judged by a high profile panel, including Willie Sullivan of Vote for a Change, Patrick Burgoyne editor of Creative Review, Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks, Ian Anderson of the Designers Republic and Michael Wolff, while prizes include events tickets, magazine subscriptions and more, with the main prize decided by the designers themselves. (Each entrant is asked to submit a prize nomination. These nominations will then be put to the vote. The organisers will try to provide the winning designer with whatever is the voted prize.)

An exhibition of all the submitted designs is planned for later in the year.

The competition follows last year's project, which urged designers, architects and artists to design creative solutions to the MP's two home expense problem.

For more information and to download the brief, click through to the www.commonofhouses.co.uk website. But do it quickly as the deadline can't stretch any more.

The competition (@Commonofhouses on Twitter) has been launched by duo Hole In My Pocket.

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