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Social media site allows users to buy and trade street names

A website has launched which trades UK virtual street deeds which can be acquired for real money.

Streetdaq.co.uk allows users to purchase the virtual deeds to famous streets such as Leicester Square or Anfield Road which can then be placed on social media sites to highlight the user’s online ownership of the street.

A street bought on Streedaq through a referred link on a social media site will see a user receive £1 paid into their Paypal account each time.

Another £1 will be paid if the user’s street name is on the site’s homepage, and a visitor lands on it or on the street page directly from a search engine, and then buys a new street within 24 hours.

Advertising space will also be sold on the site, with each virtual street offering five small contextual advertising or sponsorship spaces.

Users of the site launched by the fife-based firm can add content to their virtual street deed blog once purchased, such as information, pictures and videos, which will increase attraction and value of the street.

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