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The Drum Magazine 9 July: Here’s just a taster of what's in our next issue

News Round Up
The breaking news from the past fortnight from Design and
Advertising to Digital and PR, covering both client and agency news,
views and opinions.

Creative Review
This issue our guest creative reviewer Sheraz Dar, brand director at The Digital Property Group, rates a clutch of recent creative campaigns, from online and above-the-line - and we pit his views against those of our online commentators.

Bibendum Recalled
The Drum travelled to Claremont in the south of France to meet Michelin's head of brand Claire Dorland-Clauzel. While the famous Bibendum character is quite obviously at the heart of the city, Dorland-Clauzel explains why she has put him back at the heart of the marketing too.

Laughing all the way to the bank
On 20 July digital agency Fuse8 is expected to be admitted as an AIM listed company, following a route taken by Edinburgh-based search firm Bigmouthmedia, which will float around the same time. But what is the attraction of an AIM listing for any creative business - especially now as the markets dwindle. And what are the risks?

A sign of the times
With shocks and scares aplenty emanating from the recent budget, attention has been drawn to a now familiar figure of decay stalking Britain's towns. But this isn't an entirely new condition as The Drum found out and discovered some walls really do talk for those with the gumption to pause and look up.

It was once a place of untapped power and hidden knowledge. Yet, despite having conquered this vast online kingdom, using it for our own good, there are still hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. We trawl 'em so you don't have to...

Time to put our heads together
A group of designers assembled last month to discuss the current state of the industry in Scotland. The topics to be discussed ranged from the current economic climate to the rise of online and from pitching problems to the failure of Scotland's Centre for Architecture and Design and the standards of new talent coming through the ranks. However, one recurring point returned time after time... The voice of the industry. Or rather, the lack of it.


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