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World’s oldest social media fan logs off for final time

Twitter’s oldest tweeter, 104 year old Ivy Bean from Bradford, has tweeted her last after it was confirmed that she had passed away.

Bean amassed an impressive 62,000 followers on the networking site and though illness prevented her tweeting in recent weeks her life was not without incident. One Tweet on June 16 read: “I have been to meet my friend Peter. It has made me feel a lot better, he is so wonderful.”

Despite being born prior to the establishment of the telephone network Bean voraciously consumed the latest communications technology, becoming an internet sensation in 2008 when she became the oldest person on Facebook.

Boasting 5,000 friends on the site, which she used to post videos of her day to day life, fans eagerly lapped up the everyday occurrences which become ever more remarkable in a second century of life.

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