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Enterprising ‘Twitchhiker’ blags round world trip

Twitter user Paul Smith has commandeered the social networking service into a platform for blagging a free holiday.

Smith, a freelance writer, came up with the idea after his need to reach Campbell Island, 200 miles off New Zealand’s coast, clashed with his empty wallet.

The dichotomy spurred a cheeky foray onto Twitter which, after piquing the interest of Twitter don Stephen Fry, soon unleashed a barrage of freebies including a ferry ticket from Newcastle to Amsterdam and a gratis flight from LA to Auckland courtesy of Air New Zealand.

Unfortunately however Smith fell at the final hurdle after reaching South Island, after no sailor could be found to provide passage for the final leg of the journey.

Succour for this failure was swiftly found though following an appearance on Good Morning America and an invitation to a party with Liv Tyler, Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba in Hollywood.

A self penned book chronicling these adventures, ‘Twitchhiker’, is now available.

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