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Paver Smith uses social media for blind world cup

North West PR agency Paver Smith is using social media to promote the IBSA World Blind Football Championship which is taking place in Hereford this month.

The tournament is the largest ever disability football event held in the UK and will be hosted by the FA at the £20m National College for the Blind between August 13th and 22nd.

Liverpool-based Paver Smith will man a Facebook site and Twitter page to encourage people around the world to follow the tournament, which they can watch online at blind2010.com.

Argentina, the European Champions France and Paralympic Champions Brazil all feature, as does an England team which plays its opening fixture against Spain on August 14th.

Phil Heap, one of the tournament's directors, said: “The social campaign has really added to the mix for our campaign to promote the tournament, says Phil Heap, one of the tournament directors.

“This is going to be a fantastic event, but many people in the UK still don’t understand what blind football is all about – the speed and skill of these world class players, the role of disability sport in this country. Part of our work has not only been organising a world class event but getting these messages across.”

Paver Smith managing director Dougal Paver added:  “We’re delighted to support this inspiring international tournament and wish all the competing teams the best of luck.

"The web has a wonderful way of making the world a smaller place and between Facebook, Twitter and the tournament’s own website, we can spread awareness and make it easy for everyone to keep in touch.”

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