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Coalition accused of ignoring results of first crowdsourcing attempt

The coalition’s Programme for Government website has been criticised after it emerged that no government departments have so far expressed any willingness to amend their policies as a result of the initiative.

Over 9,500 people heeded the call to provide comment on the governments legislative programme in a first attempt at crowdsourcing.

However rather than take on board this feedback and mould policy in consequence Whitehall has been accused of merely appropriating the process to endorse its current policies and reiterate actions it has already pledged to perform.

On the thorny issue of deficit reduction for instance the government merely stated that “many” comments had been supportive and reiterated plans to balance the books by 2015.

On Europe the Foreign Office stated that they understood many felt “jaded and sceptical” about the EU” and stressed no more powers would be transferred, despite comments such as “The massive influence the EU has over the economy and everyday life must not be ignored.”

Other contentious topics such as fox hunting were lobbed into the long grass, described as “not currently a priority.”

Programme for Government forms part of a trio of sites which include the Spending Challenge, an invitation to rethink public spending and Your Freedom, a bid to repeal unnecessary laws, both of which are still underway.

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