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Are these the world's best social media campaigns?

Campaigns by Coca-Cola, Ford and Nike are among those praised in a new social media 'Hall of Fame' published today.

Compiled by Leeds agency Umpf, the Hall of Fame lists 50 of the "world's best" social media campaigns.

Its aim is show that "whether you’re one of the world’s superbrands or a small supplier, clever social media campaigns can help raise awareness, increase sales, drive footfall, add fans, improve SEO and online visibility, or just make people think ‘cool, I like that company’."

The list is dominated by big brands but also features lesser known names, including DARPA and Ascendgence, which have used social media to get their messages across.

YouTube favourites, including Blendtec's irrepressible 'Will it blend?' campaign and the viral giving aftershave brand Old Spice a new lease of life, are among those lauded.

Umpf owner Adrian Johnson said: "Whether they've been created to raise product awareness, increase sales, drive footfall, add fans, improve SEO or enhance audience engagement, one simple thread links all these social media campaigns together, a clever concept.

"At the heart of any great marketing campaign, whether it's a press ad, a piece of DM, sales promotion, PR, or in this case social media, you'll typically find a brilliant idea - each of the campaigns in our Hall of Fame exhibits that trait helping generate brand buzz, conversations, interaction and engagement."

Here are a few of the campaigns that made the Hall of Fame. You can see the full list here.

Boxing Clever - Nike

Happiness - Coca Cola

Old Spice

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