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Facebook takes Teachbook to court citing trademark infringement

Facebook is suing a social networking site aimed at teachers for using the word ‘book’ in its title.

The Chicago educational company Teachbook, which is described as a ‘productivity suite’ which allows teachers to share ideas and interact online, has drawn the attention of the social networking giant, which argues that use of the suffix ‘book’ in it’s title infringes on its trademark.

“They seem to think they own the internet and the word ‘book’,” commented Greg Shrader, founder for Teachbook.

“How can this tiny little company in Northfield, Illinois be a threat to a multi-billion-dollar social networking site?”

A statement from Facebook explained that it would not stand for businesses to cash in on its brand and that it had no dispute over alternative uses of the word ‘book’ and that it had not objected to many other websites using the word in their name.

“However, there is already a well-known online network of people with ‘book’ in its name. Of course the Teachbook folks are free to create an online network for teachers or whomever they like, and we wish them well in that endeavour. What they are not free to do is trade on our name or dilute our brand while doing so,” the spokesperson added.

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