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Golden Twits unveil all new brat pack

The countdown clock is ticking to the close of nominations for the second annual Golden Twits (www.goldentwits.com), the awards scheme which aims to out sweet tweets from a sour shower. Already a host of wannabe hopefuls such as Alan Carr, Stephen Fry and even Jordan's Queen Rania are jostling for top slot in our very own wacky races.

This week sees the launch of the British Academy of Twits (BRATS), a panel of jurors which includes Duncan Bannatyne, Eamonn Holmes and honorary member Jonathan Ross. These BRATS adjudicators will deliberate upon the ultimate award winners in tandem with a public choice award, voted for by ordinary tweeters.

A shortlisting process is currently underway on the Golden Twits site, a democratic procedure in which anyone is eligible for nomination in a range of competing categories which encompass the entire twittering spectrum. People simply log in using their Twitter account and pick their favourite from those on offer or nominate an alternative pick if not available. It’s then up to the 'tweeple' to vote for those Tweeters they consider to be the most articulate ambassadors of the twittering community.

The Golden Twits, sponsored by Windows Phone, aims to recognise those individuals who’ve best adapted to this new frontier in writing, excising the waffle to present short and snappy snippets of delight which can hold the attention of todays impatient, scatter brained web surfers. Who has wit and character and who is just a twit with 140 characters? Who is twittering and who is just wittering? The Golden Twits are here to find out and prove once and for all that size does not matter. On Twitter at least.

This process has already seen such characters as a demon eyed 'Dianainheaven' pursue more earthly goals with the proclamation “I’m always watching you” whilst ‘Tweeting from the afterlife’. This may be a hellish prospect for many but for Golden Twits voters in the ‘weird’ and ‘fake celebrity’ categories it proved just heavenly.

The former Royal faces stiff competition from a fictional detective from Life on Mars however as the 'Gene Genie' aka Gene Hunt serenades his followers with such choice wisdom as “I always keep my eyes shut when sat on the train. I hate to see old ladies standing.” Whether others wish to put Gene back in his bottle remains to be seen.

Over in the real world a host of famous tweeters are also going head to head, amongst them Stephen Fry who has been nominated for his famous Fry’isms as “It's British Cheese Week! I could more easily live without trousers than I could live without British cheese.” He faces stiff opposition from the Chattyman, Alan Carr, however who has successfully translated his gift for the gab onto the confined space of Twitter. Even Jordan’s Queen Rania has got in on the act using the networks feed to tweet “Someone said I should try Irn Bru. Should I?” on a recent visit to Edinburgh. Sadly no follow up message divulges whether the saccharine orange liquid met with the Royal seal of approval.

Voting closes at midnight on October 31 at which point the six top ranked entries from each category will be brought before our juries, the BRATS and the court of public opinion. Twitterers alive and dead, real and fake, are sure to be biting their nails in trepidation.

For more information see The Goldren Twits website.

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