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Google integrates Twitter, Flickr and Quora to social searches

Google has announced a major overhaul of its social search feature with the integration of Twitter, Flickr and Quora data to its search engine.

Social Search was launched in 2009 and integrates photo and blog results from friends social profiles at the bottom of the screen.

Now however the service will be extended with friend’s results “blended” into the page, together with an annotation indicating that a friend has “shared this”.

This means that if a friend tweets a link to a story on The Drum for instance, and you are signed into a Twitter connected Google account, you will see this link in your search results together with an annotation explaining that a friend “shared this on Twitter,” (presuming of course that you search for a related topic).

For the privacy conscious a function will be incorporated which allows users to either publicly or privately connect their social profiles.

Notable absentee from this feature is Facebook whose “Like” data is a prominent feature of Microsoft’s Bing search.

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