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Citroën pop-up store created by Green Room

Citroën DS has unveiled a pop-up store in at Westfield London with Green Room.

The pop-up, located at the entrance to Westfield London’s premium Village shopping area, does not feature the familiar Citroën brand, instead using subtle DS logos.

Green Room was responsible for the creation and delivery of all aspects of the pop-up, which will be in place for six months, with the integration of digital technologies facilitated by Green Room’s recently appointed digital team.

Richard Ash, chief executive of Green Room, said: “The challenge issued to us by Citroën was to take the DS brand to a new audience and demographic, confront perceptions and create ambassadors, all while staying true to the brand’s ‘Different Spirit’ ethos. Westfield London provides an incredible opportunity to engage with this target market on a personal level, and the space was crying out for more than a predictable static display.

“The installation delivered is the antithesis of how cars are normally showcased in shopping centres. We’ve done away altogether with the brash price-led decals and features dominated POS, and instead created a high quality bespoke space reminiscent of the boutiques found inside The Village. This is an engaging and aspirational space for consumers to absorb and appreciate the DS brand in their own time, in their own way.

“Aside from the success of the design itself, we have also implemented working practices and measurement tools that have, and will continue to, influence the commercial success of the project. Through our single team approach and the smart use of measurement tools, we’ve made it possible for Citroën to integrate off and online channels with ease and measure the value of their investment both at and beyond the point of contact.”

The pop-up has been designed so it can easily be changed over its time in Westfield, and features profiling technology, which uses facial recognition software to segment visitors and track movement patterns and dwell time, enabling the experience and influence of consumers to be evaluated.

Jonathan Sloan, national franchise manager at Citroën, said: “DS offers drivers a different and very personal ownership experience so it was essential we delivered a space sympathetic to this philosophy. Green Room has delivered this superbly: the elegant design, tactile quality and advanced technology used throughout the execution indulge the senses and reflect the character of the brand and those who buy it perfectly.

“Green Room have been refreshing partners throughout this project, challenging our brief, pushing our boundaries and engaging in the commercial reality this project seeks to deliver. The end result is way beyond our original vision and that’s testament to Green Room’s diligence and drive.”

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