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DC Thomson marketer JP Murphy receives threats from Rangers Fans after being mistakenly identified as Rangers Tax-Case blogger

The head of brand marketing of DC Thomson, John Paul Murphy, has today come under fire from Rangers fans who have mistakenly identified him as the man behind the Rangers Tax Case blog, leading to threats also being made to his employer.

A post on the Rangers Media Website forum has asked for information on Murphy, with the author, who goes by the pseudonym Mr Struth, claiming that he saw Murphy receiving email notifications on his phone while travelling to work, with responses to posts on the blog.

The Rangers Media forum post, which included links to Murphy’s Twitter feed, his Linkedin account and a story on The Drum website to highlight his picture, also claimed; “The guy then sent a text to a number asking if he was any further forward with 'digging' on Green and an email saying a new blog had to be up soon.”

As a result of this post, Murphy has received abusive tweets from Rangers fans, while DC Thomson is also received threats this morning, The Drum understands.

While Murphy was unavailable for comment, he has tweeted in response; “So apparently I'm @rangerstaxcase! What lovely folks. Invasion of privacy? Definitely. Laughable conclusion? Absolutely”.

He has also said that he has also received anonymous phone calls at his work, but has said that he is yet to contact Police over the matter.

This is not the first case of media intimidation over the reporting of Rangers financial plight in recent months, with Channel 4 chief news correspondent Alex Thomson claiming to have received violent threats from a Scottish sports journalist, while The Daily Record’s Hugh Keevins has also said he has been threatened in response to his coverage of the story.

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