Last places remain for One Day Code School in Manchester and Birmingham

MiNetwork has joined forces with the founder of One Day Code School, Dave Birss, to run digital coding courses for non-coders in the North West and Midlands in September and October.

One Day Code School gives non-coders working in the marketing industry the opportunity to understand how websites are built, what makes them function and ultimately what makes them breakdown. In just eight hours One Day Code School attendees will learn how to read, interpret and create the languages of the internet - HTML, JavaScript and CSS – and by the end of the course they will be able to create and build their own webpages and websites and have a broader understanding of how the web works.

Speaking of One Day Code School, Dave Birss said: “If you've got anything to do with the internet, you should really understand a bit of the language. At least enough to order a coffee and ask directions to the nearest toilet. That's what One Day Code School is about. In just eight hours, you'll learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And by the end of the day you'll have built your very own website you can show off to your friends and colleagues."

"You don't need to have any knowledge of code to do the course. We'll take you from total ignorance to confident coding in just one day. The youngest we've had on the course was a 12 year old schoolgirl - and the oldest was a 63 year old managing director. Neither had any problems."

"We've built our very own online tools to help you get to grips with HTML and CSS. And you get a 150-page book to remind you of everything you learned during the day - along with a couple of extra projects you can do in your own time."

"At the end of the day, you'll have a much better understanding of what's possible with the web, how you go about building it, how to speak to techies and how to spot bullshit. And the extra confidence that gives you has the power to transform how you work with technology for the rest of your life."

One Day Code School will be happening in Birmingham on Thursday 19th September and in Manchester on Tuesday 1st October. Both courses start at 9am and finish at 5pm, with lunch included

For more details and to sign up for One Day Code School in Birmingham click here..

For more details and to sign up for One Day Code School in Manchester click here.

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