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The Breakfast Club works with Elmwood to create latest bar Call Me Mr Lucky at London Bridge

The Breakfast Club has engaged Elmwood to create a quirky, film-inspired identity for the bar in its new London Bridge café.

Famous for its hidden drinking spots within restaurants including The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town in its Spitalfields café and The King of Ladies Men in Clapham, The Breakfast Club’s new London Bridge venue is home to bar Call Me Mr Lucky.

Having worked together since 2005 The Breakfast Club challenged Elmwood to create an identity that stayed true to its brand personality, using the offbeat name as a starting point.

Creative Review: 

Inspired by classic adventure films of the 70s and 80s, the narrative for Call Me Mr Lucky follow an accidental hero who escapes near-death scrapes to get the girl and save the day. Forming the centrepiece of the concept is a film poster that brings together the whole story, illustrated by artist Sam Hadley.

Keen-eyed fans of The Breakfast Club will be able to notice elements that relate to the brand’s story with other locations such as Spitalfields and Angel referenced in the design.

“I always thought this was going to be our most exciting project with Elmwood. The name of the bar just said 'go on, do something really different' and I think we have. We've managed a very strong stand-alone mark but also told the story of The Breakfast Club over the last nine years. It's a very personal project in that respect, but still works for a wider audience,” remarked Jonathan Arana-Morton at The Breakfast Club.

Elmwood design director, Stephen Woowat, added: “The brief for each Breakfast Club bar presents an usual starting point, as the name is picked first and we then build the story around it (the names are actually all based on quotes from Cheers).

"It’s an approach that provides a lot of freedom to do something different every time. The challenge though, is to still create something that feels unique to The Breakfast Club and remains true to the venue itself.”

Call Me Mr Lucky opened in August.