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'Another step forward for digital accountability': Nielsen ups mobile measurement to top European markets in midst of Rentrak/comScore merger

Nielsen has widened the net of its digital ad ratings on mobile in six nations to give a more complete picture of the growing ad medium.

Data from UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and Brazil (by the end of the year) will accompany current measurements from US and Canada.

The expansion of the industry standard digital ad ratings globally enables advertisers to track how their ads (including video and display) reached audiences on iOS and Android with further extensions of the scheme set for 2016.

Paul O’Grady, Unilever senior communications planning manager, said: “The introduction of mobile measurement in digital ad ratings is another step forward in digital accountability. The accurate people-based measurement that digital ad ratings delivers has already brought a lot more transparency to digital media and allowed Unilever to make significant efficiencies to our media buys; both traditional and programmatic.

“The launch of mobile measurement will bring the same transparency and accountability to the mobile space, with metrics that help us ensure our ads are getting to the right people.”

Nicolas Rieul, rapporteur mobile advertising committee at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), added: “The digital ad ratings extension to mobile is very good news for the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile advertising, mobile can thus be measured today in the same way as its big brother desktop.”

Megan Clarken, Nielsen EVP for global watch product leadership, said the enhanced offering will “allow us to bring this same level of comparability to more markets, enabling a deeper understanding of campaign effectiveness”.

The move strengthens Neilsen’s product on the emergence of a new digital measurement threat from the newly combined comScore and Rentrak.

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