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An inside look at Lincoln Motor Company’s ‘Live in Your Moment’ video storytelling

This story is part of a new sponsored series that The Drum's social TV blog Found Remote is producing with Vimeo on the best work to come out of their Brand Creative Fund.

Storytelling has always been at the heart of brand marketing, but there has never been a better time for advertisers to engage with audiences creatively - and more importantly, authentically - than today. 

High quality storytelling is also what defines Vimeo, the 10-year-old video platform that filmmakers and creators turn to first when they want to share their work. 

Combining art and brand marketing is a risky proposition, but Vimeo has pulled this off successfully with the Brand Creative Fund. The fund has allowed many of the world’s most iconic brands access to filmmakers, and together they are changing people’s minds about what a “commercial” can be and what it can achieve. 

Found Remote is starting a new partnership with Vimeo to highlight these brands. As part of a weekly sponsored series with the video platform, Found Remote will feature one new video a week from Vimeo’s Brand Creative Fund.

With Vimeo’s direct access to more than 4,000 Staff Picked filmmakers, Vimeo gives brands the opportunity to create content that pushes the boundaries of typical branded entertainment with an unprecedented level of diverse POVs. Leveraging our insights on audience behavior, relationships with filmmakers and distribution capabilities, Brand Creative Fund amplifies a brand’s message and reach. 

For this week’s first video Found Remote takes a look at the Lincoln Motor Company’s “Live in Your Moment” campaign that included three narrative films featuring the Lincoln MKX. The video above, “Bloom” (from Diego Contreras and Khalid Mohtaseb) was chosen as a “Staff Pick,” by Vimeo and tells a beautiful story of two people who meet because one took the other's bag at the airport. The MKX is featured subtly but importantly in the shorty video that includes beautiful original music.

This story is part of a new sponsored series that Found Remote is producing wtih Vimeo on the best work to come out of their Brand Creative Fund.

Vimeo’s mission is to empower creators to make, share and sell amazing videos directly to viewers worldwide, in the highest quality possible and with no interruptive advertising. Vimeo is home to the world’s leading video creators and the hundreds of millions of viewers who love them.
Founded in 2004 and based in New York City, Vimeo, LLC is an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI).

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