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In an attempt to attract more advertisers, Viacom partners with TiVo on data solution

TiVo sits on lots of data. So does Viacom.

In a TV and video landscape that continues to become more fragmented, combining data is almost necessary.

This is why TiVo and Viacom have announced a new partnership that will help Viacom attract additional budget from marketers. TiVo Research’s single-source measurement tools will integrate with Viacom Vantage, giving advertisers not only increased targeting capabilities but also the ability to see how their ads impact purchase intent. TiVo Research’s cross-media single-source panel anonymously ties second-by-second tune-in data to online exposure and purchase intent.

“This integration will make Viacom the first network to offer advertisers true single source solutions for audience targeting and measurement,” said Frank Foster, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TiVo Research. “The combination of Viacom’s advanced predictive engine and TiVo’s anonymized, granular set-top box data, matched directly to purchase and consumer engagement data in a privacy protected manner, allows advertisers to see much more than if their campaign was viewed.  This partnership will not only enable advertisers to see how effectively a campaign reached the target audience, but it will shed light on whether the campaign enticed consumers to take action such as going to a store or buying a product.”

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