The Drum's 10 February issue: From redrawing mobile to building smarter ships

This issue of The Drum explores the power struggle playing out in the mobile space, exploring both the scope of opportunity on this medium and the challenges faced by those trying to seize it.

Creative Review: 

Building Smarter Ships

<strong>Building Smarter Ships</strong>

Shifting consumer behaviour has led to a tidal wave of digital innovation, and now smart tech has the potential to disrupt an unlikely candidate for transformation – the cruise ship industry.

Telcos Strike Back

<strong>Telcos Strike Back</strong>

Is it time we started recognising mobile operators as serious contenders in adland? An exploration of the growing influence of telcos in digital advertising.

Are We Over sharing?

<strong>Are We Over sharing?</strong>

With Uber and its like shaking up traditional business models, we ask whether collaborative consumption is here to stay.