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Snapchat gets the Nielsen treatment

Snapchat and brands are excited about each other. But working together has been somewhat difficult mainly because the format is so different and Snapchat hasn’t been able to provide numbers that translate to what advertisers and agencies are used to transacting on.

That is changing, though, with Nielsen’s announcement today that Snapchat will begin to leverage Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) to measure the audiences of its 3V advertising (vertical, video, views = 3Vs) on mobile devices.

As the bulk of linear TV inventory is still bought and sold based on Nielsen’s ratings system, Snapchat’s choice in its third party measurement partner is no coincidence: Snapchat will be able to show mobile audience reach, frequency, demographic composition, and gross ratings points (GRPs) for 3V campaigns.

"Snapchat's 3V ads represent a unique approach to advertising," said Steve Hasker, Chief Operating Officer, Nielsen. "We're proud that Snapchat has chosen Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for its first foray into standardized campaign measurement and look forward to continued collaboration."

Nielsen also announced that DAR will eventually be applied to two other Snapchat ad products, Sponsored Geofilters and Sponsored Lens campaigns.



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