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Male model put through ‘real-time travel torture test’ to prove suit durability

M.J. Bale, an Australian suit company, has put one of its male models through a gruelling travel endurance test to prove that its suits can stand the test of time.

The campaign, which was carried out in real-time on Facebook and Instagram, saw a male model fitted in Sydney for a shoot in London. He then had to travel for five days non-stop, via nine countries, using 10 modes of transport, with no sleep and just the one suit on.

Whybin\TBWA: M.J. Bale 'Unsuitable Journey'

Agency: Whybin\TBWA
Client: M.J. Bale
Date: March 2016
 Whybin\TBWA\Eleven Sydney
Tags: Asia, M.J. Bale, australia, Asia, Whybin/TBWA

“With Australian men travelling longer and further for business than any other nation, arriving looking as good as when you left is a struggle. We want to help gents stay looking impeccable and ultimately professional for business, no matter how many miles they’ve covered.” said Matt Jensen, founder & CEO of M.J. Bale.

The journey has now been turned into an online film which culminates in the model arriving at his shoot a ‘broken man’. Created by Whybin\TBWA\Eleven Sydney, the activity aims to prove that you can ‘crush the man, but you can’t crush the M.J. Bale suit’.


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