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Epson: building brand preference through mobile advertising

TotalMedia’s and Ogury’s collaboration with Epson Colour Light Output Projectors won an award for 'Most Effective Mobile Advertising Campaign/Strategy' at The Drum MOMA Awards 2017. Focusing on behavioural data, TotalMedia and Ogury explain how they achieved results with highly detailed insights.


TotalMedia, the behavioural planning agency, was tasked with planning the media strategy for Epson Projectors. For devising the right strategy, TotalMedia analysed search signals and social media, to understand actual consumer research behaviour in the projector market. Through its research, it discovered a clear opportunity to develop a market leader position and grow brand preference.

TotalMedia also found that the advertising and brand message needed to reach and engage consumers early in their research phase to be able to build the top-of-mind position for Epson Projectors.

From previous campaigns, TotalMedia had learned that mobile devices are key for reaching Epson’s target audience and it commissioned Ogury for delivering the mobile specific ad campaign. Ogury was the only mobile specific partner on the plan. All other partners worked cross device, but were predominantly focused on desktop.


The main objective of the media campaign was to promote Epson Projectors to active in-market IT Decision maker and consumer target audiences, and to engage them early in the sales cycle (in the awareness phase) to build a strong brand preference for Epson within the projector market.

Epson’s key KPIs for the media campaign were Cost-Per-Acquisition (page lands) and Cost-Per-Time-Engaged.


For the Epson Projectors campaign TotalMedia worked with Ogury across 13 campaign markets across Europe. The goal was to reach in-market IT Decision makers, as well as consumers, in their early research phase, especially outside of traditional desktop hours on their mobile devices.

Ogury used proprietary behavioural mobile data as the basis for its targeting, which ensured that the targeted audience was indeed in market for a projector. Ogury collects its unique mobile first party data via a proprietary SDK, which, after an explicit user opt-in, can provide the most comprehensive view of mobile user behaviour. The unique data isn’t available through any other means and cannot be bought across exchanges, and includes user's complete browsing history and app downloads, as well as app usage, which offers a true picture of what people are doing on their mobile devices and what they are actively interested in. Users can be targeted for example based on which websites they were visiting on their mobile devices.

For the Epson Projectors campaign Ogury developed altogether 26 bespoke targeting matrixes, one for each geo, and each for the consumer and B2B audience. The targeting matrixes included websites that signaled projector research and a buying intent, as relevant for each geo and audience.

Based on these matrixes Ogury’s intelligent targeting technology analysed its proprietary mobile dataset to calculate a relevancy score for each user while cross-referencing this with the campaign objectives. The targeting algorithm then selected only the most suitable in-app ad impressions for each sub-campaign, and served ads only to users with the highest relevancy scores, thus maintaining quality of post click results.

Ogury developed custom ad formats for the Epson campaign, containing each user’s individual relevancy score, providing the users with a personalised experience. The format also included a click to bookmark feature, which enabled quick and easy re-engagement for the user directly from the home screen of their mobile devices, after having been exposed to an ad.

Ogury’s highly targeted and hence super effective CPC buying meant that TotalMedia could cost efficiently reach the in-market consumers and IT Decision maker target audiences and achieve outstanding cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-time-engaged results.

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Throughout the campaign, running from 14 November 2016 to 21 January 2017, Ogury consistently held the media partner top spot regarding performance, performing significantly better than the desktop focused partners on the plan.

Ogury achieved outstanding cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-time-engaged results, 65% and 55% lower than the campaign average respectively, as well as an average CTR of 19.37% for business users, and 20.16% for consumers, twice as high as the benchmarks.

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