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Visual artist collaborates with Bynder to demonstrate how organisation and artistic talent can go hand in hand

Amsterdam-based visual artist, Bart Eysink Smeets, has released the first results of his latest experiment ‘The Art of Organizing’ – a project built in collaboration with software company Bynder to uncover the link between creativity and organization.

As a part of an upcoming creative series, Bynder challenged Smeets, a former art director and visual artist behind such experimental projects as ‘Finding myself in India’ and ‘A.A.D.’, to prove that organization is for everyone – whether it’s a creative mind or one more structured.

“Many people have the impression that creativity and organization do not work together, and I wanted to prove the opposite to be true,” Smeets describes, speaking about his vision for the project. “I tried to go beyond the obvious, in this way making people see more of the extraordinary.”


The artist spent two weeks creatively arranging day-to-day items in his apartment, which allowed him to turn everyday things into an art-piece. From tortilla pyramids to jenga chairs, the mission was made to provide an extraordinary structure to ordinary objects.

“This collaboration with Bart Smeets, a truly visionary artist, helped us showcase organization in a more modern and creative way,” explains Lidia Luttin, CMO at Bynder. “We think everyone should have a way to be organized, even if it doesn't come naturally. Some simple structure can give the extra time needed to work on more creative projects.” 

The full visual results and project videos can be found here.

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