How an omnichannel strategy can help future proof your brand

Criteo: The OmniChannel Opportunity

Creating a customer journey strategy can be a challenge for brands with new shopping behaviours such as ‘webrooming’ (where consumers research online to buy offline) and ‘showrooming’ (when consumers browse in-store but buy online) making things even more complicated.

The value of omnichannel is not only connecting online and offline purchases, but also linking the entire shopper journey to the shopper to create a seamless experience for them regardless of device or location.

In this webinar, Nicole Kivel, sales director for brand solutions at Criteo joins The Drum to discuss how brands should view retail locations as an advantage; why brands should focus on ‘shopper marketing’ over ‘channel marketing’; how to utilise online tech to facilitate omnichannel development and what ecommerce strategies brands can engage with now to enable future success.

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