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David and Macma continue to call attention to breast cancer screening with new social video

What´s on your mind? - Mama´s new campaign

David Buenos Aires has again created a video for Argentina's Movimiento Ayuda Cáncer de Mama (Macma, also known as the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement in English) to call attention to breast cancer, and it uses social media and strategically placed emojis to cover the parts Facebook won’t allow.

In ‘What’s on your mind?’ we see a woman looking up at a generic social media status, asking the question in the title. A voice-over says, speaking to the social media outlet, that the unnamed company already knows what’s on her mind – alluding to the fact that Facebook and other forms of social media have already mined your data and knows more about you than most people.

The voice over says: “That’s why she feels a little exposed.” The camera then pans out to show the woman topless, with pixels over her nipples so the ad doesn’t get banned on said social media. The pixels then become emojis like the Wow face, arrows, laughing face, hearts and more as the voice over tells the many ways the social media outlet knows her and her habits. As the emojis speed up with the voice over, it states: “still, there’s one thing about you that Facebook knows nothing about: your boobs.”

The tone of the piece isn’t as humorous as the previous Macma ad from David, the award-winning ‘Manboobs4boobs,’ which substituted a flabby man’s body in place of a woman – as ‘manboobs’ aren’t banned from social media – to show proper breast self-exam techniques. This one calls out social media, stating that people check Facebook 3,000 times a year, “but have you taken the time to check your boobs once?” The tag then encourages women to get a mammogram once a year.

At the same time, it warns about the importance of preventing a disease that affects around 20,000 women each year in Argentina.

The campaign has videos on YouTube and Facebook and can be shared along with the hashtags #EarlyDetection and #Macma.

David: MACMA 'What's on your mind?'

Agency: David
Client: MACMA
Date: April 2018
The Breast Cancer Awareness Movement (MACMA) has presented a new initiative in the hands of David. 'What's on your mind?', plays on growing consumer awareness of privacy issues involved with social media networks. The spot makes the point that Facebook and Twitter's algorithms store vast amounts of information about their users, but not about their health, meaning that typical warnings or campaigns aiming to raise awareness of breast cancer might not get through to those who need ot see them.
In encouraging viewers to share the video so that other social users can watch it, the film aims to turn each viewer into an activist, while warning about the importance of preventing a disease that affects around 20,000 women each year in our country.
The campaign has videos on YouTube and Facebook and can be shared along with the Hashtag: '#EarlyDetection' and '#Macma'.
Client: MACMA
Product: Awareness
Name: What's on your mind?
Agency: DAVID
VP, Executive Creative Directors: Joaquin Cubría / Ignacio Ferioli
Creative Directors: Nicolás Vara / Ignacio Flotta
Copywriter: Martín Heildelberg
Art Director: Nicolás Rudy
Managing Director: Emanuel Abeijón
Account Supervisor: Florencia Scrimaglia
Head of production: Florencia Albizzati
Production Company: LANDIA
Director: 1985
Executive Producer: Adrian D´Amario
Producer: Alejandro Panzitta
Director of Photography: Juan Maglione
Post Coordinator: Julian Lopez Coppola
Sound: Nica
Post Production: DA8
Music: Cluster Music
Client Responsible: Marta Mattiussi
Tags: Argentina, #MACMA, #BreastCancer, #EarlyDetection, digital, Social media campaign
What's on your mind?


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