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UK Top Shazamed ads: Chanel, Kopparberg, Fiat and more make it into this week's chart

Chanel and Kopparberg are among the new entries in this week's Shazam chart

The Drum's Shazam chart tracks the number of times each ad has been Shazamed over the past week using the music identification app.

Chanel shoots in at tenth place with the resonating vocals of David Bowie's 'Starman'. The minute long film  opens with French actor Gaspard Ulliel  stepping away from a meeting and locking eyes with an enticing woman across in a different building. Looking back at his team, the women disappears and Ulliel  wanders through the night in Bangkok to find his new muse.

As he wanders the streets, everyone else is immersed in technology, instead of taking in the surroundings. Finally, Ulliel finds his muse at a rooftop pool, diving under the water and meeting face to face.

Making it to sixth place is Kopparberg, with the sampling of Abacus's 'Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime', feat. Cimone.  The short clip opens in an open desert with three colourful free flying kites, quickly followed by a whole host more, alongside a group of festival goers looking to enjoy the outdoors and a cool cider. 

Other new entries include: Fiat 500 in ninth place and SimplyBe taking fifth. 

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