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Creative Director’s Choice: Stink Studios ECD Yego Moravia on RXBar’s ‘No BS' campaign

Creative Director’s Choice gives creative directors a chance to highlight the work they think is the best out in the ad world — the ads and campaigns they believe are making a difference.

This week, Yego Moravia, executive creative director at Stink Studios, talks about why Wieden+Kennedy’s simple, no-bull ads for RXBar are so effective.

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I was stopped dead in my path by a tall takeover of billboards about a month ago while walking in Brooklyn. I thought to myself, “Oh, here’s that W+K campaign for RXBar I heard about.” I had been a fan of RXBar before I heard about the campaign and had always loved the simplicity of the oversized ingredient list on the front of the package. Now, seeing the work live and in person, their radically simple language and super direct typography felt so appropriate to shake people out of the oversaturation of consumer’s health bar choices that have overtaken New York City bodega shelves in the past few years.

Poking deadpanned fun at the outrageous claims and self-importance of many advertising campaigns with ‘No B.S.’ straight talk, Wieden+Kennedy’s work perfectly pays off the bar’s front of package. Instead of trying too hard to conjure consumers’ curiosity in the health bar with a fast and flashy campaign, the work trusts in and is inspired by the product’s innocence and ease. The results, in my opinion, draw in consumers with a no frills, back-to-basics attitude in the health bar space that’s ripe for reception at a moment when advertising feels ever invasive and irrelevant to the products on whose behalf they seek to communicate.

This campaign struck as a strong balance between RXBar telling the world its brand and product truth and W+K finding a bold and fresh way to communicate that truth.

Yego Moravia is executive creative director at global creative shop, Stink Studios.

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: 'No BS'

Date: December 2018
Ice-T seems an unwilling spokesperson for RXBar, but the no-frills packaging goes perfectly with the actor/rapper’s succinct delivery on a series of commercials.
The packing, which plainly lists the ingredients in each bar, is interrupted by Ice-T stating things like, “This is an RXBar interruption to your favorite TV show” and “Buy a chocolate sea salt RXBar, or not, whatever. I’m just saying some words in a commercial.”
The no-bull attitude bleeds over into the OOH ads, which state things like “Words on a wall” and “No B.S.”
Client: RXBar
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland
Executive Creative Directors: Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley
Creative Directors: Micah Walker
Copywriter: Bertie Scrase, Jonathan Marshall
Art Director: Christen Brestrup, Helen Rhodes
Group Strategy Director: Bruno Frankel
Strategy: Reid Schilperoort
Producer: Julie Gursha
Associate Producer: Candice Harbour
Head of Production: Mike Davidson, Matt Hunnicutt
Brand Management: Nick Larkin, Corey Woodson, David Hughes
Head of Business Affairs: Amber Lavender
Traffic Manager: Maggie Harasyn
Creative Operations Manager: Lauren Walker
Design Operations Manager: Simone Takasaki
Design Lead: Brad Simon
Comms Planning: Emily Graham, Justin Bradley, Daniel Sheniak
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Tim Godsall
Line Producer: Brady Van Hult
Director of Photography: Tim Hudson
Editorial, VFX and Mix Company: Joint
Editor: Steve Sprinkel
Assistant Editors: Ian Devore, Mimi Bergen
Post Producer: Chris Girard
Post Executive Producer: Leslie Carthy
Lead Flame Artist: Pilon Lectez
Flame Assistant: Aurelien Patureau, Noah Poole
VFX Producer: Annie Rosick
VFX Executive Producer: Alex Thiesen
Colorist: Jasmine Vazquez
Mixer: Noah Woodburn, Natalie Huizenga
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