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US Creative Works: featuring Taco Bell, ESPN, Geico and more

Grande Fantasy - $1 Grande Burritos (Commercial) | Taco Bell

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: 'Who's In'

Date: January 2019
ESPN’s College Football Playoff 'Who’s In' campaign is coming to life through a once-in-a-lifetime experience for four adventurous fans, where they will live atop a billboard together in downtown San Jose, near the site of the National Championship game at Levi’s Stadium. The experience will be livestreamed on ESPN3 and integrated into regular ESPN programming for the 12 days of the project, which will conclude on Jan. 7, to coincide with the National Championship Game.
The fans: Llyas Ross Sr., Nancy Volland, Jeanette Kim and Ruben Hunter represent the four semifinal teams: the Alabama Crimson Tide, Clemson Tigers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Oklahoma Sooners.
They ascended the billboard on Dec. 27, ahead of the two semifinal matchups on Dec. 29: The Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic featuring Notre Dame and Clemson; and the Capital One Orange Bowl featuring Oklahoma and Alabama.
To be considered, almost 700 fans submitted video testimonials explaining why they should represent their team. The four chosen will have their fandom on full display – 45 feet in the air on a 40-foot wide by eight-foot deep billboard.
Agencies: Red, IMG Live
Client: ESPN
Tags: United States
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: 'Value Menu Beyond Belief'

Date: January 2019
Most QSR value menus are stripped down and fairly basic, but Taco Bell’s is next level, according to a new campaign for the chain. That is how Deutsch arrived at 'Value Menu Beyond Belief,' bringing people together in these surreal fantasy worlds. 
This new work is an evolution of Taco Bell’s value menu creative work – conveying the notion of elevated and sophisticated work for premium value.  The work will run through January 2019 with an additional spot that will run through the year. 
Agency: Deutsch
Client: Taco Bell
Tags: United States
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: 'Like New Again'

Date: January 2019
BMW is recycling several of its older commercials to demonstrate how certified pre-owned BMW vehicles run like new, with a wink to the consumer. The used creative, TV spots, radio ads, billboards and digital banners that were originally used to advertise the vehicles when new, are now being re-employed to sell the same vehicles now that they are certified pre-owned.
The idea was developed by BMW’s lead creative agency, GS&P and to create the campaign, the team went through years of BMW commercials from other agencies in the US and globally, going back to 2013, since five years is the oldest BMW Certified vehicle people can buy.
The only thing that’s new is the branding of their pre-owned program, which has been renamed BMW Certified, with the tagline ‘Like New Again.’ Each spot also gets a new voiceover by Chris Pine, who comments on the age of the spot or even how great his younger self sounds. In ‘Handyman’ he restates the premise, that a guy pulls over to impress his girlfriend by ‘fixing’ a problem that doesn’t exist. They knowing Pine states that the guy is fibbing to the woman because the pre-owned car comes certified, so everything’s been checked.
Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: BMW of North America
VP of Marketing: Trudy Hardy
Brand Management and Communications: Wolfgang Gross
Pre-Owned Marketing Manager: Lauren Martens
Co-Chairman: Rich Silverstein
Co-Chairman: Jeff Goodby
Chief Creative Officer: Margaret Johnson
Creative Director: Roger Baran
Associate Creative Director: Kurt Mills
Associate Creative Director: Florian Marquardt
Art Director: Charles Lee
Copywriter: Craig Shervin
Designer: Fabio Zuccolini
Associate Creative Director - Designer: Eduardo Quadra
Director of Production: Tod Puckett
Executive Producer: Benton Roman
Producer: Sam Tarde
Account Services
Group Account Director: Theo Abel
Account Director: Britta Savik
Account Manager: Jacob Stitzel
Assistant Account Manager: Clayton Bishop
Brand and Communication Strategy
Brand Strategist: Mackenzie Beer
Group Communication Strategy Director: Dong Kim
Business Affairs
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Chrissy Shearer
Editorial Company
Company name: eLevel
Executive Producer: Michael Damiani
Senior Producer: Luke Dillon
Editor: Erik Johnson
Assistant Editor: Jocelyn Carranza
Audio Engineer: David Michel-Ruddy
Company name: Moving Picture Company
Color Executive Producer: Meghan Lang
Color Producer: Damian Winterbottom
Colorist: Kristopher Smale 
Company name: Moving Picture Company
Executive Producer: Karen Anderson
VFX Producer: Christian Downes
2D Artists: Noah Caddis
Company name: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Producer: Kayla Phungglan
Mixer: Rohan Young
Assistant Mixer: Ben Tomastik 
End Treatment Graphics
Company name: eLevel
Director of eLevel: Michael Damiani
Executive Producer: Luke Dillon 
Creative Director: Mike Landry
Technical Director: Nathan Shipley
Motion Artist: Zach Seidner
Motion Artist: Luke Davisson 
Tags: United States
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: 'It's Not Fitness. It's Life'

Date: January 2019
The luxury lifestyle brand Equinox debuts Life - a short film that explores life beyond fitness - as it kick-starts its annual campaign to dovetail with a month renowned for personal growth and improvement.  
The US-based gym and lifestyle brand has decided to drop its 'Commit to Something' tagline which has been the focus for the past few years, the film instead re-envisions Equinox's original mantra: "It's not fitness. It's life" which was first introduced in 2004. 
Directed by photographer and Showstudio director, Nick Knight, the short film is the first in an ongoing season of collaborations. 
In line with the: "It's not fitness. It's life" tagline, the film illustrates the profound influence fitness has on life outside the gym by exploring life's elements - spirit, energy, light, water, love, life and voice. 
To capture the spirit of 'life' Knight involved a cast of inspiring talent to embody the qualities of each component, which he weaves throughout the narrative. 
Grammy Award winner Ciara represents spirit in a dynamic dance sequence, while water is organically brought to life by models Hannah Ferguson and Richard Ampaw. 
The ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, who embodies 'life' itself, is tasked with combining all the elements that have come before through a kinetic finale dance. 
Tags: United States, creative works, equinox
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