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MediaMath finds a way to make programmatic OOH attributable in the same way as other digital channels

MediaMath has launched an omnichannel campaign in which it was able to purchase out-of-home ads using the same programmatic technology and platforms as digital and mobile, via a partnership with Place Exchange, a programmatic exchange for out-of-home (OOH).

Previously, the company claims, OOH media has been bought programmatically but in isolation and not alongside other digital media.

The adtech company said ads were purchased programmatically through the exact same campaigns and workflows as online and mobile media and measured with the same metrics and reporting, which makes the traditional media attributable in the same way as other digital channels.

The ads ran via Place Exchange’s open auction, which includes OOH inventory across outdoor and indoor formats from OOH media companies across the United States.

“Omnichannel is about providing advertisers with the ability to express their marketing objectives and leveraging automation and intelligence to achieve those objectives, regardless of the devices, screens, or channels on which their audiences might be found,” said Karen Chan, the director of emerging channels at MediaMath.

“For decades, advertisers have been forced to split channels apart due to technical differences, data disparities, or other factors that stood in the way of a customer-centric approach. That is now finally changing. We can run out of home programmatically and help brands directly reach their audiences where they live, work and play.” 

For some markets, running OOH programmatically is relatively new on its own, The Drum recently reported that in India, SBI Life Insurance, along with its agency WATConsult and Amnet, claimed to have launched the country's first programmatic OOH ad campaign. 

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