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The Grammy Awards ads round up featuring brands, bands and its own campaign

Let's Hear It | 61st GRAMMY Awards

A mere week after the biggest advertising day of the year, one might think that brands spent everything they had on the Super Bowl. But some see awards season as a bigger draw, banking on star power to propel their products and brands to bigger sales than a football game.

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards not only featured music from the likes of Cardi B, Post Malone, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dolly Parton and others (though not Ariana Grande), it had its own brand campaign, as well as advertisers willing to back music’s biggest night.

‘Let’s Hear It’ is the latest campaign for the Recording Academy, the organization that puts on the Grammys. Last year’s campaign, by long-time creative partner TBWA\Chiat\Day, featured outfitted Uber vehicles driving around and essentially ‘playing’ the sounds of New York City. This year, sound waves were again employed, but this time the waves served as graphics to frame the various stars that make us move.

The campaign, according to the Recording Academy, speaks to the all-encompassing power of music. It focuses on music as a sound wave, celebrates the broader community of music fans, and the ability of music to bring people together in a powerful and shared human experience.

“We take our (campaign) approach from a storytelling standpoint… showing the journey to the Grammy stage. Music connects us and empowers us. It really creates a community that binds us together,” recording academy and Grammys chief marketing officer, Evan Greene, told The Drum.

A promo spot for the awards show finds a pulsating waveform, bouncing around artists from last year’s show, including Jay Z and Beyonce, Adele, Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae.

Throughout the campaign, fans will notice the sound wave design that will translate to social posts, such as static and video carousels on Facebook and Instagram. Various artists seem to break out of the wave, speaking to the idea of the live music listening experience and music’s ability to transcend the recording, reaching people on a human level.  

Greene also said that fans and consumers today want a sense of discovery, to be part of a community. He said that the Recording Academy and the Grammys “empower that idea and amplify it through music” to engage in a broader community.

“On ‘Music’s Biggest Night’, we deliver seemingly impossible performances that align the community of music creators and fans alike around the universal inspiration that only music provides. ‘Let’s Hear It’ is a rallying cry for the voices forming an engaged and empowered music community as excitement for the Grammys continues to build,” Greene said.

Greene acknowledged that, like last year’s in-show acknowledgement of #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement with Kesha and Monae, the Grammys do have to stay in step with what goes on socially, but it’s really about the music, making those musical moments people talk about and creating a great, entertaining show, which he promises will happen again this year. He also noted that the Recording Academy is an organization that works all year to promote music, music makers and its creative pursuits. They have a Grammys museum and even present a music educator award each year to encourage teaching and getting young people interested and involved in music.

The Recording Academy also put out what's it's calling the first 'evolving music video' with artist Ella Mai.

Advertisers during the Grammys and beyond are vital to keeping the Recording Academy thriving, and some of them remain partners throughout the year to keep music at the forefront. See the campaigns below that are attached to the Grammy Awards. Click on the Creative Works boxes and vote for your favorites.

: 'Let's Hear It'

Date: February 2019
For the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, which will take place Feb. 10, the Recording Academy and creative agency TBWA\Chiat\Day have put together a new campaign that speaks to the all-encompassing power of music. The campaign focuses on music at a DNA level, with the depiction of a music sound-wave, and celebrates the broader community of music fans, and the ability of music to bring us all together in a powerful and shared human experience. 
With the new slogan 'Let’s Hear It,' the campaign appeals to the music fan who is more than just a casual listener. This isn’t for the background music crowd. Instead, it is for the ones who live and breathe music, whether that be as a creator or fan.
Throughout the campaign, fans will notice the captivating sound-wave design that will translate to social posts, such as static and video carousels on Facebook and Instagram. Various artists seem to break out of the wave, speaking to the idea of the live music listening experience and music’s ability to transcend the recording, reaching people on a human level.  
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Client: Grammy Awards/The Recording Academy
Tags: United States
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: 'Stay Playful'

Date: February 2019
Playfulness has always been part of the Oreo brand’s DNA, and now with the debut of its new 'Stay Playful' campaign, the brand is outwardly establishing its playful spirit as the core of all creative communications including new TV, digital and social and content partnerships. For over a century, Oreo has been bringing out the playful spirit in the young and old to connect us, and now, at a time we need it the most, the Oreo campaign is inspiring the world to keep the playful spirit alive. 
To kick off the campaign in the US and Canada, Oreo partnered with musician Wiz Khalifa and his five-year-old son, Sebastian, for the brand’s newest TV ad. The 'Stay Playful' TV spot tells the story of a busy father and his son who is closely watching and mirroring everything his dad does, ultimately making them realize the importance of taking time to be playful with one another. Khalifa recorded an original song about the importance of staying playful, which serves as the soundtrack for the ad.
'Stay Playful' will debut the 30-second version of the spot during the 2019 Grammy Awards on February 10.
Oreo is also releasing Khalifa’s full-length original Oreo song to fans in an unexpected, playful way – via a new, limited edition of the Oreo Music Box. Fans will be able to hear the newest full-length Wiz Khalifa track exclusively on an Oreo cookie. The Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited-Edition Music Box is a miniature record player powered by Oreo cookies. Just place an Oreo cookie on the music box turn-table (like you would a record), slide the record arm into place and a song will play. Oreo will give away a limited run of the boxes on Grammy Sunday. For a chance to win, fans can visit Oreo.com on February 10.
Brand: Oreo
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: 'Award Show'

Date: February 2019
The Aflac Duck's newest television commercial, 'Award Show,' will air throughout Grammy weekend, including during E! Live from the Red Carpet. In the spot, the Aflac Duck – from behind the Help Desk – reminds an artist's limousine driver that Aflac isn't car insurance, followed by celebratory fanfare for an award winner who is sporting a broken arm in a cast but knows that Aflac pays policyholders directly when they get sick or injured, unless otherwise assigned.
The company announced its collaboration with 2019 Grammy nominees, including PJ Morton as well as iHeartRadio Live with Leon Bridges, to celebrate the launch of the company's long-term commitment to connecting with consumers through music as part of its 'Aflac Isn't' marketing campaign. The new campaign uses commonly held misconceptions – what 'Aflac isn't' – and turns them into opportunities to educate consumers about what Aflac is. And as an official partner of the Grammy Awards, Aflac is using today's top artists and songs to forge a unique musical bond with consumers.
The Aflac Duck will also take to social media, continuing to build excitement with his fans. To join the conversation and view behind-the-scenes updates, follow #AflacHelpDesk and the Aflac Duck (@AflacDuck).
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: 'GrammyConnect'

Date: February 2019
To help enhance Grammy engagement among music fans, The Recording Academy is partnering with IBM to unlock and uncover unexpected and hidden connections between Grammy nominated artists, industry professionals and other celebrities through an AI driven responsive experience called Grammyconnect, powered by IBM Watson Discovery.
As the official AI partner of the Grammys, IBM was charged with developing an IBM Watson-powered solution that could help with fan engagement, something that The Recording Academy was looking to increase in recent years. Built by agency partner Havas New York, Grammyconnect leverages the power of IBM Watson Discovery to analyze more than 14m news articles and bios for over 19,000 Grammy nominated artists, identifying over 20m connections.
For starters, you might be surprised to learn that the US city with the most connections in Grammyconnect is New York, the most connected woman is Norah Jones or that “Best New Artist” nominee Bebe Rexha wrote the song Monster with Eminem, Rihanna and Jon Bellion.
Check it out at www.GRAMMYconnect.com.
IBM Watson Discovery
The Recording Academy
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: 'Life to the Power of R'

Date: February 2019
Two TV spots, directed by Vania & Muggia - the acclaimed duo known for their videos for Coldplay, Bob Dylan and DJ Snake - immerse the viewer in a stylish world in which two young women explore and manifest their desires in life with nothing in the way.
Artful effects create a bridge between each woman’s imagined wants and seamless purchases rewarded by Rakuten’s loyalty program - subtly conveyed with the plus sign icon central to the brand’s online and in-app user experience. These aspirational purchases with Rakuten propel the characters toward meaningful life experiences, including running a marathon, and attending a best friend’s wedding.
With the campaign, Rakuten is introducing itself as a premium lifestyle brand to savvy consumers who want to be rewarded for their shopping in a way that facilitates their passions in life. 'Life to the Power of R' is the first work by Duncan Channon for Rakuten North America as part of a new business win via competitive pitch. The win named Duncan Channon as creative lead for Rakuten’s North American launch. The agency also provided strategic and visual guidance on how to express the brand in North America.
The TV spots debuted during the Grammy Awards and will air nationally on broadcast and cable networks including CBS, NBC, HGTV, Food Network, TLC and A&E. 
Client: Rakuten
Kimberly Miller – Chief marketing officer
Trever Gregory – Director of marketing
Brad Hebebrand – VP, creative
Agency: Duncan Channon
Michael Lemme – Creative director
Adam Zash – Senior art director
Andy Whalen – Senior copywriter
Rick Herrera – Senior copywriter
Shannon Burns – Senior designer
Suzanne Montgomery – Account director
August Fischer – Account manager
Rita Ribera Channon – Senior broadcast producer
Michelle Mirasol – Project manager
Kelleen Peckham – Strategy director
Production partners
Iconoclast – production
Vania & Muggia – Director
Charles-Marie Anthonioz – Managing director/EP
Valerie Romer – Executive producer
Julien Lemaitre – Producer
Roman Vasyanov - Director of Photography
Rock, Paper, Scissors – editorial
Adam Pertofsky – Editor
Derrick Monks - Assistant Editor
Janae Abraham – Producer
Dre Krichevsky & Esther Gonzalez - Head of Production
Raná Martin - Executive Producer
Eve Kornblum - Managing Director
a52 – color
Daniel de Vue - Colorist
Jenny Bright - Producer
Thatcher Peterson - Executive Producer
a52 – VFX Studio
Patrick Murphy – VFX supervisor
Adam Newman – CG supervisors
Andy Wilkoff, Andrew Romatz – CG lead
Stefan Gaillot, Matt Sousa, Steve Wolff, Richard Hirst, Dan Ellis, Adam Flynn, Michael Vaglienty, Chris Riley, James Buongiorno, Rod Basham – 2D VFX artists
Adam Newman, Andy Wilkoff,  Ariana Ziae Mohseni, Mason Dash, Jun Kim, Evan Mayfield, Eric Molina, Karen Garcia, Chris Leone, Josh Dyer, Jose Limon, Jose Olguin, Mike Bettinardi, Michael Cardenas – 3D VFX artists
Kyu Kim, Trix Taylor, Chad Danieley – Animators
Pete Sickbert Bennett – Designers
Dan Ellis, Sam Kolber, Gabe Sanchez – Online editors
Michael Steinmann – Producer
Andrew Rosenberger – Production coordinator
Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen – Executive producers
Jennifer Sofio Hall – Managing director
Squeak E Clean – music “RSVP”
Song: Go Get What You Want
Elliot Glasser and Katarina Gleicher – Composers
Drew Fischer – Sound designer
Rob Barbato – Creative director
Amy Crilly – Head of production
Amanda Patterson – Senior producer
Squeak E Clean – sound design “Runner”
Drew Fischer – Sound designer
Rob Barbato – Creative director
Amy Crilly – Head of production
Amanda Patterson – Senior producer
Good Ear Music Supervision – music supervisors “Runner”
“Catch Me” by Jarina De Marco
One Union – final mix
Joaby Deal – Sound engineer
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: 'Childish Gambino Playmoji'

Date: February 2019

Make the world your playground. Google asks people to install the new Childish Gambino Playmoji and show what they’ve got. Only on Google Pixel. #pixeldanceoff.

In the 60-second spot, Donald Glover, aka Grammy winner Childish Gambino, dances with the Playmoji version of himself to his yet-to-be-released song, Human Sacrifice, in an AI-meets-real-life short.


Google Pixel 3

Mix and Sound Design: Barking Owl
Creative Director:  Kelly Bayett
Mixer and Sound Designer: AJ Murillo
Producer: Ashley Benton

Tags: United States

: 'Sanctuary'

Date: February 2019
Sometimes, the music says it all. Serena Williams stars in an ad for the 2019 Lincoln Navigator, equipped with up to 20 premium Revel speakers placed with precision throughout the cabin, which she uses to listen to Sarah Vaughan as it rains outside. 
Brand: Lincoln
Tags: United States


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