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: '#ThisIsFamily'

Date: February 2019
River Island is exploring the changing face of modern families as part of its SS19 campaign, created by Studio Blvd.  
#ThisIsFamily follows in the footsteps of last years 'Labels are for Clothes' diversity campaign that celebrated the impact of the hashtag in shaping opinions of minority groups. 
The traditional nuclear family now represents less than one-third of families in the UK, while blended families, non-biological families, multi-ethnic families, same-sex parent families and single-person families have grown significantly. Despite this, the multi-faceted family is often overlooked in advertising. 
The campaign is thus an ode to diversity in family units and focuses on images which examine how the traditional nuclear family of yesteryears has transformed. 
Under the hashtag #ThisIsFamily, River Island seeks to redefine the family stereotype and display it in all its forms. 
Agency - Studio Blvd.
Agency contact - Alistair Green
Agency contact job title - Chief Strategy Officer
Client name - Angela Asiedua - River Island
Client job title -Head of Brand Marketing
Copywriter - Jen Cox
Creative director - Victor Pyk
Planner/CSU Director - Alistair Green
Designer - Callum Walker
Photographer - Mel Bles
Photographer's agency - Webber
Media agency - Manning Gotlieb OMD
Media planner - Matt Mint
Exposure (media channels) - Digital, Paid Social, Online and In-Store
Tags: UK, creative works, River Island
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