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DC Thomson Media creates Inspiralist to surface trending lifestyle content

Inspiralist, the latest title launch from DC Thomson Media, is a digital brand developed to surface lifestyle content and down-the-line recommended reads for users based on their previous browsing habits.

The title looks to develop a mass online audience around subjects as covering the likes of interior design, parenting products, pet accessories and family experiences.

Ashleigh Gibbs, digital editor for Inspiralist, said: “Surfacing trending content has been at the heart of our digital content strategy for some time now. This new hub will take the cutting-edge technology we’ve successfully used on prior projects on a much bigger scale.

“We’re excited to invite experts, influencers and press agencies in the field to share their news and expertise with us, to showcase exciting products to online audiences that are hungry for news in the here and now and to offer in-depth expertise from those in-the-know.”

The new brand’s positioning as a product recommender echoes the turn taken by DCT-owned Shortlist which shuttered its print operations late last year.

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