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US Creative Work of the Week: Forbes Argentina tackles gender pay gap with emotional film

The US Creative Work of the Week isn’t from the US at all, but from South America. HOY (Havas Buenos Aires) crafted a campaign for Forbes Argentina that tackles the gender pay gap with a poignant film.

The film, created to promote the Forbes Women Power Summit, is called ‘My Name’ and it follows a girl who narrates her own story about how her name is the cause of embarrassment, bullying, failed relationships and isolation.

When the girl says, “Hello, my name is John,” the viewer wonders why. The following frame states that “there are more CEOs named John than women CEOs.”

The story is a metaphor for the glass ceiling many women encounter in the workplace, where working mothers are discriminated against, where gender stereotypes keep women away from leadership roles and where paychecks continue to be unbalanced between the genders.

The film ends with a plea to break the glass ceiling and attend the Forbes Women Power Summit, a space the company states is dedicated to recognize the impact and added value that women bring to the world of business and the economic development of the country.

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HOY (Havas Buenos Aires) has crafted a campaign for Forbes Argentina, 'My Name'. 

All around the world women in the workforce face huge barriers. Working mothers are discriminated for not being with their children. Young girls are kept away from careers because of gender stereotypes. Paychecks aren’t fair. The pay gap continues.

And then there is the phenomenon known as 'The Glass Ceiling'. When companies look to give promotions, women are usually not even considered, especially for hierarchy positions within their corporations. This is why there are so few women chief executives, and so few role models girls can look up to.

Forbes Women Power Summit is a space dedicated to recognize the impact and added value that women bring to the world of business, business and the economic development of the country.

A promotional film for the summit shows a girl being embarrassed and ostracized for her name. It ends up being the same as many chief executives, which causes her shame - it is a metaphor for that glass ceiling.

Title: My name

Client: Forbes Argentina

Product: Women Power Summit

Agency: HOY

Managing Directors: Ernest Riba, Pedro Di Risio

Executive Creative Directors: Federico Plaza Montero, Nicolás Zarlenga

Creative Directors: Juan Martín Lodola, Maximiliano Samaruga

Copyriter: Juan Francisco Marzari

Art Director: Federico Landajo

Agency Head of Production: Emiliano Alvarenga

Production Company: LANDIA

Director: Nicolás Kasafoff - Alan Segal

Director of Photography: Francisco Hauser

Executive Producer: Andrián D'Amario, Diego Dutil

Producer: Ale Panzitta

Editor: Andrés Quaranta
Music: Happy Together


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