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US Creative Works: featuring Chandelier, Interesting Development, North and more

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: 'Impossible to Hate'

Date: May 2019
A lot of people hate coconut water. That’s why Vita Coco - a leading coconut water beverage brand - will introduce a new integrated campaign to support its new Pressed Coconut Water. It has the same nutritional benefits of Vita Coco but tastes, well, a little more like coconut.
And the folks at Vita Coco are so sure consumers will like Pressed Coconut Water, they’re going as far to say it’s 'Impossible to Hate.'
To put this bold claim to the test, creative agency Interesting Development developed an algorithm to identify some of the most difficult people to impress - the most negative reviewers on the Internet. These are some of the toughest critics on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and Amazon - people have begrudged one star to things like a teddy bear, likened the Grand Canyon to “a big dumb hole.”
The Impossible to Hate campaign kicks off with films for streaming TV and digital media (Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, Spotify Sessions) and paid social. Radio spots will play on iHeartMedia and Spotify, and OOH advertising will blanket New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver and Boston throughout the summer. 
Brand: Vita Coco
Jane Prior, EVP Global Brand Strategy & Development
Allison Finazzo, Brand Director, Vita Coco
Agency: Interesting Development
Paul Caiozzo, Head of Creative
Nathan Frank, Head of Brand Voice
Tamera Geddes, CEO
Shannon Coletti, Group Account Director
Tom Haslow, Head of Strategy
Mai Huynh, Executive Producer
Sherri Hollander, Senior Producer
Johan Leandersson, Creative Director
Conor Dooley, Creative Director
Ira Oksman, Art Director
Prit Patel, Writer
Jonno Durant, Sr. Creative Producer
Technology Consultant: Superfriends
Tags: United States
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: 'Safety Squirrel'

Date: May 2019
Getting a public service message to the masses isn’t easy, especially in a crowded media environment. Enter Safety Squirrel, a fast-talking rodent who is out to warn Californians about the danger of power lines.
Southern California Edison picked a squirrel for its relatability to power lines, as the fuzzy-tailed beasts are often seen traipsing along them like an agile tightrope walker.
‘Safety Squirrel’ is a campaign by IW Alliance, consisting of Dailey, GP Generate and IWGroup. It features a frank, quick-tongued squirrel who dispenses rapid-fire real talk about how to behave near power lines. Whether he's saving a partygoer's errant metallic balloon from frying a power line or stopping a distracted tree trimmer from making a shocking mistake, Safety Squirrel intercedes in spots that are, well, a little nutty.
Client credits
Client - Southern California Edison
Chief Executive Officer - Kevin Payne
SVP Corporate Affairs - Caroline Choi
VP Corporate Communications - Beth Foley
Principal Manager, Brand & Creative - Diane Tasaka
Advertising Manager - Tracy Ou    
Communications Analytics & Insights Mgr. - Jim Kapsimalis
Creative Director - Doug Olivieri
Agency credits
Agency - IW Alliance, a collaboration amongst Dailey, GP Generate and IW Group
Executive Creative Director/Writer - Helen Cho, Dailey
Executive Producer - Mike Cha, Dailey
Sr. Art Director - Wonee Paek, Dailey
Managing Partner - Jean Grabow, Dailey
VP/Account Director - Robert Kavanagh, Dailey
Account Supervisor - Cheldy Moran, Dailey
Account Lead - Dean DeMarchi, IW Group
Director of Strategy - Jane McCarthy, Dailey
Strategist - Katherine Kilmer, Dailey
Media COO:  Stephen Page, GP Generate
Production/VFX/Post: Ntropic
Director - Nate Robinson
DOP - Andy Lilien
Producer - Elisa Morse
Head of CG - Dave White
CG Supervisor - Andrew Cohen
Flame Lead - Amanda Amalfi
Editor - Robb Hoffman
Colorist - Nick Sanders
EP - Juliet Tierney
Producer - Persis Reynolds
Composer - Emoi Music/Aaron Robinson
Audio - Eric Garcia, 48 Windows
Tags: United States
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: 'HVR summer merchandise'

Date: May 2019
Ranch fans' love for their favorite condiment truly has no bounds – they either love it, or they really love it.
So, to help ranch lovers cool down during this year’s hottest months and bask in American’s favorite flavor, Hidden Valley Ranch, is introducing its first-ever collection of summer merchandise beginning May 21.
Float with flavor on top of Hidden Valley’s ranch bottle pool float while dressing the part in his and hers Hidden Valley swimwear. Once you’re out of the pool, wrap yourself in ranchwith a fuzzy beach towel. And don’t forget your Hidden Valley water bottle – because we all know that the most passionate fans will use it to carry their extra supply of ranch.
Tags: United States

: 'Skip Ad'

Date: May 2019
In one of the most competitive advertising categories in the world, 121 Tribal designed to put Skip detergent in the map, through a digital campaign that challenges the status quo.
Skip Detergent presents 'Skip Ad' - The ad disguised as a button.
That little precious button that appears every time a commercial tries to ruin your video in YouTube. This button “cleans” what you don’t want there. And that’s exactly what Skip detergent does with your clothes.
Together with influencers and a cleverly segmented online and offline campaign that includes YouTube pre-rolls, online ads, outdoors and influencers, the agency changed forever the meaning of the most popular button in the world.
Advertised brand: Skip
Advertising Agency: 121 Tribal, Lima, Peru.
Director Creativo General: Gonzalo Calmet
Director General de Cuentas: Benjamín Edwards
Director Creativo: Lucas Bargen
Director de Arte: Francisco "Sharuko" Ayras
Redactor: Eduardo Delgado
Director de Arte: José Luis Linares
Directora de Cuentas: Vanessa Vargas
Jefa de Producción: Mónica Mendoza
Cliente: Unilever
Gerenta Brand Building HPC: Carla Bisbal 
Jefa de Brand Building Homecare: Joan Marcelo 
Practicante Brand Building Homecare: Alessandra Su
Casa Realizadora: LOCOMOTOR
Productor Ejecutivo: Carlos Cia Almeida
Director: Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo / Lucho Soldevilla
Directora de Arte: María Cristina Martínez
Asistente de Producción: Athina Vilchez
Director de Fotografía: Gianmarco Ahón Tello
Vestuarista: Claudia Mansilla
Maquillaje y Peinado: Manuel Gijón.
2do de Cámara: Jorge Romero
Data Manager: Jonathan Palpa Arriola
Gaffer: Alfredo Ludeña
Offline: Locomotor
Online: Lunatic
Edición Video Caso: Mario Chocano
Audio: Humanimal
Tags: Peru
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: 'Black Box'

Date: May 2019
Before Africans became enslaved, they were experts in many fields, contributing to human history with important inventions that range from the telescope to setting the basis of cubism in art. It should be in school books, but it is not.
Zumbi dos Palmares College, the only black college in Brazil, and J. Walter Thompson Brazil developed the project Black Box, unveiling this side of history in order to bring pride and knowledge to Afro-descendants, to promote a historical correction and to spread hidden stories about black people’s cultural legacy to the spotlight. 
15,000 hours of work of African-Brazilian researchers, historians, journalists, teachers, and people involved in black militancy turned into a 200-page book that brings black people’s cultural and historical legacy into the spotlight. The book includes black boxes in translucent tracing paper that reveal important historical information and names of black heroes when the pages are turned over.
The map of the Palmares area was used to form every image in the book through generative design. A code was developed to transform the map into tiny particles that were put together to form the image, inserting the DNA of black history in every illustration. Also, each chapter of the book became a subject and was integrated into the syllabus of different college grades.
The Palmares quilombo was the greatest symbol of resistance to slavery in the history of Brazil and was established towards the end of the 16th century, on the border of the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco. There, under the leadership of Zumbi dos Palmares, the quilombo received some 20,000 runaway slaves.
Campaign: Black Box
Advertiser: Zumbi dos Palmares College
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil
CEO/CCO: Ricardo John
EDC: Cassio Moron / Rodrigo Da Matta
Creative Director:  Danilo Janjacomo
Head of Art: Talita Cardozo
Graphic Design: Dandara Hahn, Paula Bustamante
Art Director: José Oliveira, Leticia Tercini
Editor in Chief: Ariane Polvani
Co-Author: Cileda dos Santos Sant’anna, Natanael Santos, Patrícia Nascimento, Rosenildo Ferreira, Telma Cezar da Silva
Content Research: Thamara Pinheiro, Renan Damascena, Clecius Gonzaga, Vivian Zeni
Copywriting:  Marcel Ares, Julia Machado, Thamara Pinheiro, Clecius Gonzaga
Copydesk and Proofreading: Camilla Savoia
Photography: Regis Fernandez
Operations Director: Thiago Segundo
Head of Client Services: Felipe Giacon
Account team: Maiara Brinhole
Illustrator: Simon Fernandes
Head of Production: Maísa Delgado
Production team: Fernanda Fiori, Flavio Colella, Leandro Lacovone, Paulo Cesar dos Reis, Ricardo Garcia, Gabriel Maria
Audio Producer: Evil twin- Andre Faria
Production: Daniel Costa, Sid Fernandez
Planning: Stella Pirani, Guilherme Paduan, Renan Damascena
Advertiser supervisor: Raphael Vicente
Tags: Brazil

: 'Tap Tap Tap'

Date: May 2019
With the growth of Instagram Stories, tapping the screen to flip through content has become habit. And it was that very habit that inspired Havaianas to explore the format in a new way, to tell stories like never before.
Called 'Tap Tap Tap,' the short uses users’ contact with the screen to speed up the animation. The project is made up of more than 90 illustrations. As users “skip” through them, they interact with the next image, creating the illusion of movement. It was developed by AlmapBBDO with illustrations by Vetor Zero. 
See it on Instagram.
The story of the short touches on the brand’s global concept of inviting everyone to feel the spirit of Brazilian summer, no matter what season it may be. The protagonist goes from a gray daily routine, with lots of tasks and not much time to relax, to a sunny, happy beach, all after putting on a pair of original sandals from Brazil.
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Client: Alpargatas
Title: Tap Tap Tap
Product: Havaianas
General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Executive Creative Directors: Bruno Prosperi, Ricardo Chester, André Gola, Pernil, Keka Morelle, and Marcelo Nogueira
Creatives: André Gola, Pernil, Renato Butori, Rodrigo Resende
Production: Vetor
Director: Gabriel Nóbrega
Illustration: Hugo Takashi
Liaisons: Cristina Chacon, Mariana Silveira, Fabiola Liberato, Warley Vieira, Illana Roque
Digital Production: Rodrigo Falcão, Aline Macedo, Sabrina Bernardini, Rafaella Cioffi
Media: Carla Durighetto, Paula Kosugi, Gislayne Neto
Approval: Carla Schmitzberger, Fabio Leite, Eliana Vilches, Mariana Rhormens, Matheus Gonzalez, Liliam Siqueira, Mayra Campagna
Tags: Brazil

: 'Big in Japan IPA QR code game'

Date: May 2019
For over 50 years, rock bands from the west have flown east and made it ‘Big in Japan’, quite often making it in the far east before they were even popular in their own countries. Now for its first Japanese release, SingleCut Beersmiths, a rock-themed craft brewery in NYC, is paying tribute to this music phenomenon by gamifying its latest IPA.
The aptly named Big in Japan IPA honours four legendary classic rock songs that literally made it ‘big in Japan’. To turn SingleCut packaging into a ‘Name That Tune’ game, four unique labels were created by artfully weaving intricate visual clues from the legendary songs’ famous titles and lyrics within QR codes. Each individual QR code was painstakingly crafted to tell the story of the classic song that was big in Japan. Scanning the codes will take consumers from the clues to the actual classic songs on Spotify.
Toronto-based agency, Zulu Alpha Kilo, created the integrated campaign, from package design to digital content. To announce Big in Japan to SingleCut fans in New York City and Toronto, western audiences were targeted through Instagram Stories that adapted the QR code beer labels for the social platform. In Tokyo, Big in Japan was promoted within their growing craft beer scene to help make the full-bodied IPA the next great cultural crossover.
Client: SingleCut Beersmiths
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Director: Zak Mroueh
Design Director: Ryan Booth
Writer: Vinay Parmar  
Art Director: Kevin Sato 
Illustrator: Ty Dale, Kevin Sato
Strategist: Spencer MacEachern, Stephanie Gyles
Account Team: Erin McManus
Senior Producer: Teresa Bayley
Producer: Houng Ngui
Studio Director: Greg Heptinstall
Production Artist: Anna Harju, Brandon Dyson, Ashleigh O’Brien
Animator: Andrew Martin
Tags: United States
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