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US Creative Works: featuring Colle McVoy, RPA, Cramer-Krasselt and more

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: 'The Vape Talk for the American Lung Association'

Date: May 2019

World No Tobacco Day is May 31, and even as tobacco use is down among teens, e-cigarette use is rising at an alarming rate, to where the US Surgeon General is calling it an epidemic. To combat its use, the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania is launching a campaign to cut down on vaping.

According to the Lung Association, every day last year in the US, more than 5,700 kids started using e-cigarettes (vaping).  Additionally, e-cigarette use increased 78% among high school students and 48% among middle school students from 2017 to 2018.

‘The Vape Talk,’ is a new anti-vaping campaign on World No Tobacco Day created by Cramer-Krasselt. It features children asking parents to talk to them about the dangers of vaping while they are still listening.

The campaign feature billboards, digital and social media advertising in targeted cities throughout Pennsylvania and also features a downloadable discussion guide ‘The Vape Talk’ Parent Discussion Guide at TheVapeTalk.Org where parents can learn more about the health risks of e-cigarettes and how to address the topic with their children.


Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

Client: American Lung Association

Tags: United States
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: 'Make it with VSCO'

Date: June 2019
AKQA has produced this three-part documentary series with creative channel VSCO, whose mission is to help everybody fall in love with their own creativity. The films respectively profile the New York-based painter and illustrator Mónica Hernández, the London-based illustrator, filmmaker and collagist Shaquille-Aaron Keith, and the Montreal-based photographer Gab Bois, and are led by British underground filmmaker Jess Kohl.
The series explores the ever-evolving nature of the creative process, with each installment  blending intimate archival footage with insightful examinations of the artist at work, to explore who the artist is, where they’ve come from and how they create. A mix of transparent observation and artful symbolism conveys the various themes of each artist’s life and creativity, showing how their unique life experiences drive every new creation.
The films are scored with abstract soundscapes, and include spoken interview segments that discuss the importance of creating despite any internal or external blockers, expectations, or judgments. The VSCO platform uniquely does not feature public ‘likes’, ‘followers’ or comments, and thus encourages creators to let go of the notion of perfection and enjoy the creative journey, in an environment that promotes mental health and wellbeing.
The series will be distributed through video channels and in partnership with outlets such as Vice and Hypebeast, reaching relevant audiences of creators.
Client: VSCO
Agency: AKQA
Production Company: Prettybird
Director: Jess Kohl
DOP: Oli Millar, Todd Martin, Harry Wheeler
Photography: Pegah Farahmand, Akram Shah, Richard Dowker
Talent: Mónica Hernández, Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Gab Bois
Score: Raffertie, James Heather
Lead Editor: Giorgio Gremigni
Editor: Kristina McCormick
Color Grading: Chris Anthony
Tags: United States
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: 'Smear it With Heinz'

Date: June 2019
Heinz Mayonnaise’s latest social campaign parodies traditional political smear ads – but instead of smearing candidates, they’re lobbying to smear dry foods with the creaminess of Heinz. Rallying consumers with the tagline, 'Smear It with Heinz,' Heinz is calling out Tuna, BLTs, White Bread, Egg Salad, Potato Salad, Rye Bread and Roasted Turkey for their undeniable dryness, and painting a picture of the bleakness of a world without mayo. 
The campaign rolls out this summer on social media, follow @HeinzKetchup_US on Twitter to watch it unfold.
Heinz Mayo has been working with Deutsch since late 2018 on strategy, creative and production efforts.
Client Credits:
Head of Brand Building, Sauces, Frozen & Meals: Jennifer Healy                                         
Associate Director of Marketing: Dalia Adler                                                                   
Senior Associate Manager: Lucia Caamano
Lead, Consumer Insights & Strategy: Anthony Jackel                                             
Social Media Manager: Alyssa Cicero                                                       
Deutsch Credits and Titles:
Creative Credits:
Chief Creative Officer, North America:                            Pete Favat
Chief Creative Officer, Los Angeles                                 Brett Craig
Chief Digital Officer, Los Angeles                                    Pam Scheideler
EVP, Executive Creative Director:                                    Bob Cianfrone
SVP, Creative Director:                                                   Mike Frank
SVP, Creative Director:                                                   Trevor Kuhn
Art Director:                                                                 Anastasia Arten
Copywriter:                                                                   Morgan Parfrey
EVP, Head of Production:                                               Diego de la Maza
Senior Integrated Producer:                                            Jesse Ferguson  
Integrated Producer:                                                       Trevor Alexander
Senior Integrated Producer, Digital:                                  Lindsey Najdovski                                 
Senior Music Supervisor:                                                 Chase Butters               
Music Supervisor:                                                           Dez Davis        
Account Management Credits:                                       
EVP, Group Account Director:                                        Montse Barrena
SVP, Account Director:                                                  Josh Lybarger
Account Director:                                                          Josh Brewer
Account Supervisor:                                                       Remi Shimazu
Assistant Account Executive:                                           Erika Sidney      
Account Planning:                     
EVP, Head of Strategy:                                                    Kelsey Hodgkin
EVP, Group Strategy Director:                                         Mitch Polatin
VP, Strategy Director:                                                     Morgan Aceino
Senior Digital Strategist:                                                  Gurbani Chadha
Strategist:                                                                      Bekah Meyers
EVP, Head of Technology:                                              Marc Gowland                                                                                                                                                 
Business Affairs/Traffic:
SVP, Director Business Affairs:                                         Gabriela Farias  
Executive Business Affairs Manager:                                 Ken Rongey                              
SVP, Director of Traffic Operations:                                 Carie Bonillo                             
Production Company
Production Company Name: Laundry
Executive Creative Director:                                           Tony Liu & PJ Richardson
Director:                                                                       Reza Rasoli
Managing Director:                                                         James Sweigert
Head of Production:                                                       Matt Primm
Line Producer:                                                               Cole Winokur
Producer:                                                                      Dean Marchand
Editor:                                                                           Justin Freedman
Colorist:                                                                        Marc Van Osdale
Audio Post Company:
Production Company Name: Margarita Mix Santa Monica
Executive Producer: Whitney Morris
Executive Producer: Paula Arnett
Mixer: Jeff Levy
Tags: United States

: 'Every Day is Your Day'

Date: June 2019
Soccer legend Mia Hamm stands with a young soccer player at the entrance of a packed stadium. She leans over and says, “Congratulations. Today is your day. You’re off to great places. You’re off and away.” It’s then we realize we’re hearing the Dr Seuss tome Oh, the Place You’ll Go.
Gatorade’s new film, ‘Every Day Is Your Day,’ features sports icon Hamm and rising US star Mallory Pugh and taps into the iconic Dr Seuss poem to demonstrate the powerful impact that sports can have on young athletes’ lives.
The action continues in the film as the young soccer player is transported to a Seuss-like world of tufted trees and green grass. She dribbles a colorful ball through the landscape, showing off deft skill along the journey of the two-minute-30-second film. Eventually she reaches a mountain top, where she must choose which way to go, as she is joined by teammates. The team reaches a stadium where the girl scores a goal against an opponent. Pugh is then seen talking to another young player, a passing to the next generation.
It ends with a text over stating “Every generation fuels the next.”
The film is part of the brand’s Sisters in Sweat initiative.
Client: Gatorade
Creative Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Chief Creative Officer: Renato Fernandez
Creative Director: Mark Peters
Creative Director: Doug Menezes
Copywriter: Elizabeth Daniel
Art Director: Blair Seward
Junior Copywriter: Jamie Wynn
Junior Art Director: Gaia Elise
Executive Director of Production: Brian O'Rourke
Director of Content Production: Guia Iacomin
Senior Producer: Kaitlin Moore
Assistant Producer: Sophie Boris
Managing Director: Jerico Dig Cabaysa
Senior Account Director: Robyn Morris
Account Director: Lani Reichenbach
Management Supervisor: Gabriela Marino
Account Executive: Connor Wudrick
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Global Planning Director: Martin Ramos Planner:
Joel Van Rensburg
Director of Business Affairs: Robin Rossi
Business Affairs Manager: Eugene Gandia
Director of Traffic Operations: Dessiah Maxwell
Sr. Traffic Operations Manager: Judy Brill
Media Agency: OMD
PR Agency: FleishmanHillard
TV Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Rachel McDonald
Partner/Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Line Producer: Andrew Denyer
Head of Production: Mercedes Allen
Director of Photography: Jess Hall
Editorial House: Cabin Edit
Editor: Scott Butzer
Assistant Editor: Jay McConville
Managing Partner: Carr Schilling
Executive Producer: Remy Foxx
Producer: Michelle Dorsch
VFX Studio: Shape + Light
Creative Director: Rob Trent
Senior Producer: Jordan Sharon
2D Artists:
Paul Heagney
Jan Cilliers
Chris DiCristo
Wes Waldron
Dave Stern
Flame Assist: Austin Lewis
3D Lead: Gavin Kelly
3D Concept Artist: Eugene Guaran
3D Generalist: DeAndre Moore
3D Coordinator: Arron Inglis
Additional 3D Artists:
Sam Boyd
Mario Domingos
Sean Hunt
Cormac Kelly
Kev Ryan
Concept Artist and Lead Matte Painter: Marc Samson
Matte Painter: Rocco Gioffre
Color: Harbor Pictures
Senior Producer: Matt Olmon
Colorist: Elodie Echter
Sound Design: LSD
Executive Producer: Susie Boyojan
Sound Designers: Michael Anastasi, Kai Paquin
Final Mix: Lime Studios
Executive Producer: Susie Boyojan
Mixer: Matt Miller
Assistant Mixer: Lisa Mermelstein
Composers: Pedro Bromfman & Juan Carlos Enriquez
Tags: United States

: 'Manifique: A Father's Day Gift'

Date: June 2019
Dad bods come in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest of love handles to the most pot-shaped of potbellies. Dollar Shave Club is celebrating all those who sport the not-quite-chiseled physique in ‘Manifique: A Father’s Day Gift,’ a showcase and celebration of dads.
As Father’s Day approaches, Dollar Shave Club knows that some dads are difficult to buy for, so the company has pulled together its first-ever DadBod Gift Set, the perfect gift to help dad look, feel and smell his best. It’s filled with everything a dad needs for daily grooming, including shave butter, lotions, shampoos, razors and even toothpaste.
To promote the set and dads in general, Dollar Shave Club is trotting out a dance line of men in towels, robes and underwear to sing about their marvelous shapes. It starts on a black screen, spotlighting a single man in a towel with a prominent belly. As the music starts, he sways back and forth to the techno beat. Then, spotlight on two more men, then several more, all spotlighted on pedestals in various states of dad-ness.
In the middle of the nearly two-minute video, they line up for a choreographed dance to the original song, Dadbod, which features a growling voice over the techno beat, with lyrics like “I work hard to get my dadbod…my physique, is unique…manifique.”
After the synchronized dance moves, the dance ends with a text-over that states “Whatever your bod, welcome to the club.”
Client/Agency: Dollar Shave Club In-House
Chief Executive Officer: Michael Dubin
Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Matt Knapp
Executive Creative Director, VP of Creative: Alec Brownstein
Senior Creative Director Matt Orser
Senior Director, PMO: Carly Jansen
Senior Manager, Creative Services: Terry Soltani
VP, Brand Communications: Raechelle Hoki
VP, Consumer & Corporate Communications: Kristina Cole
Production Company: Revolver/Will O’Rourke x Biscuit Filmworks
Director: The Glue Society
Director of Photography: Russell Boyd
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producer: Pip Smart
Executive Producer/Producer: Jasmin Helliar
Producer: Alexandra Taussig
Producer: Isabella Vitelli
Post Production: The Glue Society Studios
Editor: The Glue Society
Colorist: Andy Clarkson
Flame: Viv Baker
Audio Post Studio: Otis Studios
Audio Engineer: Lukas Farry
Music & Music Supervision
Song: “Dadbod” by Dadbod
Music Supervision: Level 2
Tags: United States
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: 'Book Your Summer'

Date: June 2019
The summer reading list looks to get a whole lot longer with a campaign by Barnes & Noble, touting the worlds that open up when families unplug with a book or seven.
The ‘Book Your Summer’ campaign, created with Havas, looks to bring families together in an increasingly busy and connected world, stating that summer is the perfect time to unplug and relax with a new book on any vacation or staycation. Books have the power to transport readers to other worlds and places, and the bookseller thinks those mental vacations are just as worthy as physical ones.
In a series of spots, Barnes & Noble shoppers get help from the store’s booksellers, helping them find the latest fantasy, the perfect books to keep the kids quiet and entertained, and how a good batch of books can be just the thing to keep everybody happy all summer long.
The campaign touts not only the store's big selection of books, but also its role as a place that satisfies readers craving human interaction and expertise, because unlike a faceless shopping algorithm, Barnes & Noble promotes its booksellers as sharing the same passions its customers do.  
Agency: Havas
Client: Barnes & Noble
Tags: United States

: 'Repeat the Repeatable'

Date: June 2019
For the NBA Finals, Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, officially unveils the latest chapter of its V.S.O.P Privilège campaign, entitled 'Repeat the Repeatable'. 
Creating consistent perfection from an inconsistent production process, time and time again, is what has built Hennessy’s reputation as a master of its trade. Reinforcing a legacy of savoir-faire, new creative from Droga5 serves as a visual celebration of the mastery required to craft a blend of Cognac, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège. The film is supported by three phases: Cultivation, Selection and Blending - pillars brought to life by director Elena Petitti in spotlighting Hennessy’s quest for consistent perfection.
The spot will air during NBA Finals games four and five, as well as through regional activity to celebrate Hennessy’s partnership with the Golden State Warriors. A national multi-channel rollout will follow, amplifying the 60-, 30- and 15-second films over the course of the year across broadcast (ESPN, Discovery, AMC, The History Channel), online video (ESPN, ROKU) paid social (Instagram and Facebook), and OOH.  
There is also a cocktail kit to support this.
Agency: Droga5
Client: Hennessy
Director: Elena Petitti
Tags: United States
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: 'DEWnited States'

Date: June 2019
MTN Dew is celebrating what makes the United States great this summer by releasing the DEWnited States Collection, a limited-edition bottle series representing all 50 states. Influenced by Dew fans and the pride they have in their home states, each collectible bottle of specially marked Original Mtn Dew and Diet Mtn Dew features artwork unique to the state it represents. Knowing Dew Nation loves collecting and lives for a challenge, Dew is also offering $100 when they collect all 50 bottles. In addition, the brand is releasing Mtn Dew Liberty Brew, a blend of 50 different signature flavors combined in this limited-edition Dew.
To launch DEWnited States, Dew has created more than 450 unique creative assets across the campaign, including video content, digital and social ads, in-store displays and more, customized for each state. DEW is launching 50 unique, 15-second digital advertisements rolling out today through July and a new, 15-second national television spot premiering today. The spots bring the artwork from each of the labels to life in animated shorts.  Each spot also includes an adaptation of "America the Beautiful" by all-female rock group Boytoy, recorded specially for this campaign.
Throughout the summer, fans across the US will have other opportunities to see the unique elements of their states come to life, including DEWnited States Snapchat filters; partnership with key, national retailers offering customized DEWnited States gear and augmented reality experiences; and a presence at Dew Tour showcasing the Dew action sports athletes' home state pride.
Fans have the opportunity to not only show off their love for where they are from, but also get $100 pre-paid gift card when they collect all 50 bottles. To earn the gift card, fans purchase specially marked DEWnited States products, visit Dewnited.com, enter the code, scan the label and get a $100 pre-paid gift card.
Client: Mountain Dew
Creative Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Steve Fogel
Executive Creative Director: Doug Fallon
Associate Creative Director - Copywriter: Rich Fiset
Associate Creative Director - Art Director: Kelly Kennedy   
Executive Producer: Regina Iannuzzi     
Executive Producer: Matt Nowak             
Producer: Caroline Deason
Business Manager: Paul Cisco                                   
EVP Managing Director: Mark Cadman
VP Account Director: Phil Brolly
Account Director: Jen Layton
Assistant Account Executive: Aaron Cary
SVP, Group Planning Director: Chris Cummings
VP, Planning Director: Steve Panawek
Animation Company: Hornet Inc.
Production Co: Hornet
Director: Andy Baker
Executive Producer: Hana Shimizu
Head of Production: Sang-Jin Bae
Development Producer: Kristin Labriola
Producer: Dez Stavracos, Lucia Davies
Editor: Anita Chao
Production Coordinator: Riley Spencer
Pre Production 
Storyboard Artists: Tim Rauch, Sami Healy, Tomas Vallecillo, Ciara Bresnahan
Lead Designer: Cristian Martinez
Designer: Jackie Ferrentino, Claire Kho, Saad Moosajee
Production Artists: Andres Padilla, Tomas Vallecillo, Ciara Bresnahan
Lead Animator:  Mike Luzzi
Animators: Krystal Downs, Mark Pecoraro, Kathleen Gleeson, Jon Yellowhair, Geo Barnett, Hazel Zheng
Compositor: Peter Fink
Animation Supervisor: Mike Luzzi
Animators: Geo Barnett, Ciara Bresnahan, Tyler Dibiasio, Krystal Downs, Kathleen Gleeson, Sami Healy, SueJee Lee, Kevin Li, Casey McDonald,
 Andres Padilla,  Mark Pecoraro, Tomas Vallecillo, Jon Yellowhair, Hazel Zheng,  Nick Zweig 
Compositor: Ted Wiggin
CG Lead: Eric Lane
Lighting: Richard Kim, Rui Zhu
Rendering: Natalia Perez Melendez
Music Production:  
Saara Untracht-Oakner and Chase Noelle of BOYTOY
Joshua Rouah of KIZMIT Studio
Audio Post:
EP: Sasha Awn
Producer: Andi Lewis
Batch 1 Sound Designer & Mixer - Jeremy Siegal
Batch 2 Sound Designer & Mixer - Dan Flosdorf
Voice Over: Eric Miler
Agency: Janet Eisenberg Casting
Tags: United States
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: 'Goodnight Developers'

Date: June 2019
Apple kicked off the 2019 World Wide Developers Conference, the annual week-long event uniting coders, creators and crazy ones with Apple engineers to inspire the next wave of visionary app developments.
To honor these convicted coders, Apple opened the WWDC event with 'Goodnight Developers,' a tribute to the passion and dedication of developers around the world. The film features real developers hard at work throughout the night to create something wonderful.
From the late nights, the early mornings, the frustrating roadblocks and the invigorating triumphs, developers create the apps we love and rely on every day; that change our lives. Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the black-and-white film applauds the dedication and passion of these individuals as seen through the all-too-familiar tired eyes, weak lighting and exhausted faces hard at work behind their Macs. Kicking-off WWDC 2019, 'Goodnight Developers' is a reminder to the millions of viewers streaming the event around the world that while the rest of us sleep, developers are the ones dreaming to make the impossible possible.
The music behind the film is I Guess I Should Go to Sleep by Jack White.
Brand: Apple
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Music: I Guess I Should Go to Sleep, Jack White
Tags: United States
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