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Kim Kardashian West stirs up controversy in Japan with her Kimono Intimates brand

Kim Kardashian West has stirred up controversy in Japan after calling her new shapewear line Kimono Intimates.

West has trademarked the Kimono name, which is the same name as a traditional Japanese garment that has been used for decades.

According to West, Kimono Intimates is a size and diversity inclusive brand, carrying sizes from XXS to 4XL, available in nine shades.

Most Japanese are angered by the fact that even though West’s shapewear line has no products that look like a Kimono in any shape or form, she still trademarked the name.

“We wear kimonos to celebrate health, growth of children, engagements, marriages, graduations, at funerals. It's celebratory wear and passed on in families through the generations," Yuka Ohishi, a Japanese woman told the BBC. "This shapewear doesn't even resemble a kimono - she just chose a word that has Kim in it - there's no respect to what the garment actually means in our culture."


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