The biggest companies in the world aren't the gatekeepers of innovation

The strategic imperatives and digital future mindset is not just the prerogative of the large enterprises in their journey towards growth. Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) share the same mindset. Of course, what is lacking when it comes to SMEs is sometimes either the lack of knowledge or the willingness to invest in new technologies. So how do you solve the small business marketing challenges against this backdrop?

The Drum, in partnership with Mailchimp, has launched A Guide for Growing Businesses to explore some of these issues.

The supplement includes the likes of watchmaker Mr Jones, homeware company Black + Blum, and Catherine Tough Textiles. Businesses that are perhaps not household brands yet. But businesses with similar aspirations and ambitions to grow and engage with the consumers.

The Guide also looks at SMEs that are taking on the incumbents to find that although there might be technological challenges, many of these businesses are investing in direct-to-consumer models as a cost-effective marketing and sales option. And how these businesses also consider the balance between creativity and technology, and the imperative for businesses to see past the digital hype.

To download the digital version of The Drum’s Guide for Growing Businesses complete the form below.

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