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Why marketers should start paying more attention to reviews

Reviews are often overlooked as a necessary step in the marketing journey but in reality, they can get products seen and sold and even inform marketers whether there’s room for improvement.

Consumer review website Trustpilot is hosting a webinar in partnership with The Drum exploring the influence that reviews can have on a consumer’s purchase decision, reminding marketers that they can boost conversions and even inspire sales. Having provided over 65 million reviews for over 285,000 companies, Trustpilot know what they’re talking about.

The session considers the importance of getting reviews featured on search engines, with lessons on how to use ratings to your advantage.

Reviews for products or services are a good way of engaging with customers as they’re a trusted and authentic source of information, often sought out by consumers around big or experiential purchases.

The 'Winning Business Through Brand Trust' webinar will also teach marketers how to deal with negative reviews – suggesting that transparency is the best way forward as it allows marketers to maintain a trusted relationship with clients.

Hosted by The Drum’s very own Danielle Gibson, with presentations from Trustpilot’s head of UK partnerships Neil Bayton and Epiphany’s senior UX and CRM analyst, Lorna Fraser, the session is informative with something for even well-versed reviewers to learn.

Sign up here to find out how you can win business and increase your bottom line through brand trust. 

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